Southern Islands

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The Southern Islands are a group of 8 main islands, and many smaller ones. Seven out of those 8 islands are inhabited, all of them permanently - for scientific researches. The archipelago is controlled by the AN, and no country has the permission to own a part of these islands. Only one island is named - McManaman Island which is located on the western side of the archipelago. The islands are composed of many fjords, ice glaciers and bare rock terrain, making it almost inhospitable for standard living in the area. The temperature is almost always below freezing, with the highest temperature ever recorded being +17 degrees Celsius in 1978. The temperature didn't go anywhere above +8 in the aftertime.

The population is set to be around 1,761 in summer periods and about 559 in winter. There are at least 15 station on the archipelago, and only one is located on the western part. There is no functional capital, but the central offices of the AN are located in (unnamed) Station on the biggest island.

Research Stations

Going from west to east, functional research stations, and their respective owners, include:

*The Commonian Government does NOT support or finance the base in any way. Therefore, the so called North Commonian Government, which runs from Acote, supports this station with food, equipment and other supplies.