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As some of you may have noticed, New Carnaby is now shown on the Overview Map as a "reserved" territory. This is a temporary arrangement: BMSOUZA has opted to step down as New Carnaby coordinator, as he has taken ownership of the state of Elway. (Welcome, new stateowner!) Since New Carnaby and the city of Stanton are so crucial to the overall FSA project, I am asking all mappers to please wait to do further mapping in New Carnaby until we get a new coordinator in place unless you already have been assigned a designated area of New Carnaby. Likewise, if anyone is interested in becoming the new New Carnaby coordinator, please send me a message to discuss.

Posted by TheMayor on 2 October 2020 at 02:20.

It'd make sense for histor to step up as coordinator, since he's done so much work in the state. But I also think if this happens someone new should be co-coordinator with him- New Carnaby needs some fresh blood.

Posted by Fluffr Nuttr on 2 October 2020 at 13:03.

So, why is Stanton so crucial? What do we need it for? Who is profiting in which way? What is it supposed to be, and how does that compare with what it is?

Are you asking for a new coordinator continuing the work, or are you aking for ideas how to make Stanton whatever it is supposed to be? It doesn't really become clear here what the intentions from admins and FSA-admins are.

I think before I throw any ideas in, I really would like to know what Stanton is supposed to be.

Posted by Toadwart on 2 October 2020 at 13:48.

The current “ask” is for new New Carnaby state coordinators, to guide overall development of the collaborative state. Since Stanton is (a very important) part of New Carnaby, keeping Stanton’s current plans and procedures – or perhaps clarifying or tweaking them – will be a consideration for the new coordinator(s).

Posted by TheMayor on 2 October 2020 at 14:05.

Do I remember right, that Easky30 is currently the second coordinator for New Carnaby? And - as Toadwart wrote - what are your intentions? New Carnaby is basically mapped with counties, rivers, rails, state-roads and towns and wait for more mappers, taking a county for detailing. And Stanton has its general layout, set by BMSOUZA, me and some other mappers. The role for Stanton in the past was set by islenio and in this sense it is mapped as the heavy-weight at the eastcoast. Tell me, what you will do with New Carnaby and I can say, if I will take the role of a coordinator.

Posted by Histor on 2 October 2020 at 18:40.

Easky30 is listed as the second New Carnaby coordinator; however, I and others have not been able to get a hold of them to discuss New Carnaby so I’m left to assume that they are also no longer interested in serving as a coordinator.

Personally, I have no expectations as to what a new New Carnaby coordinator “should” or “should not” do in regards to how the state is mapped. I also know that New Carnaby has an active group of mappers already, and what I would like is for anyone interested in taking over New Carnaby to come up with a vision and plan as to what they would like to do with New Carnaby, whether that’s just maintaining the status quo or making some small changes moving forward or perhaps creating a more different vision altogether. Knowing what a potential coordinator has in mind as to how they’d like to manage New Carnaby and making a decision based on that I think is better than me trying to push any particular ideas for New Carnaby on a new coordinator.

Posted by TheMayor on 2 October 2020 at 19:16.

Posted by TheMayor on 2 October 2020 at 19:16.

»(....)and what I would like is for anyone interested in taking over New Carnaby to come up with a vision and plan as to what they would like to do with New Carnaby, whether that’s just maintaining the status quo or making some small changes moving forward or perhaps creating a more different vision altogether. (...)«

So you say nothing with many words. New Carnaby has its basical mapping and some detailed places (Stanton, Belleville, Waltmore, Delorme County and some other places) and connections to Arghenna and Penquissed, coordinated with the mapper of this states. I ask me, what you may imagine with a "different vision"?

Posted by Histor on 3 October 2020 at 00:32.

I personally feel like inland New Carnaby is too dense. What would the population of the places tagged as town be? If it's above 3-4k at the minimum, then it's definitely unrealistic. I also feel like the way New Carnaby's state highway system is set up isn't realistic either. For a relatively large state, there should be far more routes, and the way the routes are numbered should probably be more random than how organized it is now. Plus, there are too many primary roads (some of which were drawn into my state without any coordination!) crisscrossing the state in basically straight lines. So even though New Carnaby may have a basic plan done already, it probably needs to have some adjustments made to be realistic.

Posted by Yoyo21 on 3 October 2020 at 00:41.

"So you say nothing with many words"

If you would like to be a coordinator of New Carnaby then The Mayor is inviting expressions of interest. Neither he, nor me, are setting a straightjacket of how the state necessarily be developed. We are just looking for active coordinators. So if you have a vision, and want to be a coordinator, then send a message.

Posted by Wangi (administrator) on 3 October 2020 at 01:29.

I think we are thinking about this from the complete opposite direction than should be.

If there is something that a particular user wants to change with respect to NC (Not the whole state, but a single system/area at a time), why do they not develop a comprehensive plan first? Its nice to say "I want change" but its very hollow and seemingly disingenuous if they do not have any semblance of a plan themselves. This is an important consideration.

Finally, Histor has spent years on Stanton. Its a great city, period. I completely agree with Histor that no large components, styles, architecture, or features of the city should be significantly modified in scope and nature. Cities always improve and are never perfect, yes, but it is wrong to mutilate the entire atmosphere of the city that has been built up over so many times.

Posted by Zytik on 3 October 2020 at 02:33.

I think we’re on more or less the same page here: I think it’s important for the next coordinator of New Carnaby to have a comprehensive plan to help guide further development of the state, and the point of this process is to solicit that kind of input and feedback to make sure the next coordinator’s vision aligns with what (and who) already maps there.

A lot of mappers have put a lot of effort into Stanton, and any ideas or proposals for Stanton that get rid of significant amounts of existing urban mapping are non-starters, as far as I’m concerned.

Posted by TheMayor on 3 October 2020 at 02:48.
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