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Hi everyone, hope your staying safe and "quarantined." I've been watching some of international track races that gets athletes ready for the next Olympics. Even though it's pushed to summer 2021, it gave the question. Wouldn't be cool to see your own country represent if ogf created an Olympics? I don't how it would be pulled off, maybe a large world influenced city hosts it and countries can bring rep athletes based on development and population.

It also brings the question if ogf has other international sporting events, like a world cup, wimbleton, golf, etc.



Posted by Mike's World on 2 April 2020 at 01:20.

Geolympiad and Portal:Sport

Posted by Paxtar on 2 April 2020 at 01:39.

"I don't how it would be pulled off,"

That very much summarizes the problem.

You are free to investigate the current state of the issues and how it came to them. I am not going to explain in detail here, but the following problems will give you a hint what to look for: role-play, overwikification, organizers, community-wide participation...

If you find a solution to all of these issues, feel free to present them here, but expect a lot of scrutiny. If you are not patient enough to go through it, forget it right away.

Posted by Toadwart on 2 April 2020 at 10:52.

Right, the Geolympiad seems disoriented, there's no city hosting 2020. Also, what, like a fifth of the countries have WC kit?

Posted by Mike's World on 9 April 2020 at 13:49.

Can you please put a bit more effort in your posts. What you wrote there is just confusing.

Is is a question? Is your original question answered? Do you expect anyone to reply? And if yes, to what question?

Posted by Toadwart on 9 April 2020 at 14:51.

I dont understand what do you mean about "fifth of countries have WC kit". But I can say every single country owner is free to create and include his/her national football kit in the wiki article, if is it you are asking. Anyway, my suggestion is to map things in your country before creating pictures of team kits that there are not in any map.

About "disoriented Geolympiad", well, there is nothing disoriented. There is an article to all country owner who wish to host a Geolympic Games ( There are rules, there are good bids, with detailed MAPPING (and, after mapping, some good bid articles too). But as not so much users are talking about it, is normal that there are not so much bids or users voting. As said, nothing disoriented, maybe only no one talking about it...

If still there are questions, please ask it in a way we can understand and reply.

Posted by BMSOUZA (administrator) on 10 April 2020 at 15:07.

Alright, sorry what I meant by "disoriented" was that a lot of the charts for the geolympic history were blank from Paxtars blue link. Now I saw admin's link and I can see it's actually legit, the geolympics do happen.

And for "WC" I meant WAFO, the football ogf tournament. I estimated about a fifth of the countries, (I guessed wrong) have a national football kit because only 34 countries displayed a tricot kit, however there's about 249 ogf. nations.

Any further questions or confusion I'll try to respond.

Posted by Mike's World on 21 April 2020 at 18:58.