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First and foremost, thank you all once again for your overwhelming confidence in my role as FSA Coordinator. It's much appreciated, and I'm looking forward to the progress we'll make together over the next six months.

That said, I am always interested in any and all feedback from everyone in the FSA, and one comment I have heard from a few of you is that we've gotten pretty good at starting new initiatives but a lot of them don't seem to go anywhere or fall by the wayside. I agree that this is an issue, and I'd like to try something to keep some of the momentum of some of these projects rolling. As such, I'd like to try appointing project coordinators for some of these long-term projects we have, starting with the FSA history committees. To be clear, these project coordinators are intended only to help facilitate conversations and organize collaboration between mappers for these projects and should not be considered as a "boss" or "taking over" a project themselves. These projects are still intended to be collaborative in nature with plenty of participation from all interested mappers.

If you are interested in volunteering to serve as the history project coordinator, send me a message in OGF and briefly describe what your ideas are to keep the history committees moving forward and how you'd plan on implementing those plans. (Be advised though that the role may stay vacant if I'm not sure if any of the applicants are a good fit for the role.) If this process works well, we may roll it out to additional national projects; if it doesn't work out, well, we'll try something new.

Happy mapping!

Posted by TheMayor on 13 August 2020 at 01:46.