St Baafsland

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12, 30.3540, 160.6839
State of Saint Bavo
St Baafsland
State in the Union of Fayaan
CountryFlag Fayaan.jpg Fayaan
 • CapitalRotsenburg
 • State PresidentWillem Groenemans
 • Total area
 • Land areaXX.XX km2
 • Census (2019)XXXX

State of Saint Bavo (Dutch: St Baafsland) is a Fayaan state located along the Southwest coast. It has a rocky topography and is largely covered by native forests. First colonist settlements probably occurred during the early 16th century. In 1598 the St Baafs Abbey was founded by Dutch monks, and in 1601 the nearby city of Rotsenburg was founded. After the dicovery of silver on the abbey grounds in 1641, both the abbey and nearby Rotsenburg florished. In the late 18th and early 19th century, St Baafsland played an important role in the fight against pirates. After the silver mine was depleted around 1822, the region steadily lost its economic and political importance. Today, tourism and fisheries are the most important economic activities. Rotsenburg also has some industrial activities, of which the most important are a fish processing factory (making the Famous Rotsenburg Shrimp-and-Tuna Pie) and a cellphone factory.


Municipality Area Population Density Remarks

Meeuwrots 17.0 km² 447 26.3 /km² Farming and fishing communities
Kokosstrand 94.6 km² 2912 30.8/km² Mining and farming
Kreefvisschers 18.3 km² 392 21.4/km² Has an important Agro-Pharmaceutical plant
Stad Rotsenburg km² 429.5/km² State Capital