St Brannoc

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16, 56.37196, 19.25878
St Brannoc
Town / Mynster of St Brannoc
Location within St Brannoc (Eard)
"Lending wilspell"
A landing place of good news
(Myrcian proverb)
 • LæðBernica
 • EardSt Brannoc
 • BurgealdorAnnaer Wendohtor
 • BurhgeréfaEmlyn Emlynsson
 • Estimate (2014)37,901
Postal CodeSB
Telephone Code10
St Brannoc Kirk
This article is about the town of St Brannoc, for information about the administrative district see St Brannoc (Eard).

St Brannoc is a town and mynster located in Myrcia in the læð of Bernica. It is in the north of the Dunwic urban area. It is the administrative centre of the St Brannoc eard which lies in Ceasternisc Bernica.


Brannoc Scores

The Brannoc Scores (56.37316 N, 19.26042 E) are a number of narrow streets north of St Brannoc town centre. Many of the buildings here date from the 18th and 19th centuries when they were built as fishermen's homes and net repair workshops. In recent years they have been converted into apartments. To the north of the Scores is an industrial area which is home to Fúdmarkt and Sumner Scipping.


Castelwic (56.37988 N, 19.26026 E) is a village neighbourhood to the north of the Hýþ docks. It includes Brannoc Castel and the park and outdoor swimming pool which are part of the Castelwic peninsula. Housing in the village is mostly semi-detached and built in the 1940s.

Islánd Parc

Islánd Parc (56.37147 N, 19.25499 E) is located south of St Brannoc Mid station. It is an area of terraced housing which was built in around 1890 as housing for dock workers on the newly constructed St Brannoc Hýþ. It is not located on an island but is named after Islánd, a company which provided ice for the storage of fresh fish whose premises were demolished to make way for the housing.

Nórd Brannoc

Nórd Brannoc (56.37375 N, 19.25087 E) is a residential neighbourhood to the north of St Brannoc Mid station. It contains a mixture of 1880s and mid-20th century terraced housing. The stabling facilities and terminating loop for Trambæn trams is located on Depot Stræt, these replace a much larger tram depot that was moved to Ródinbrig in the 1980s. St Cecilia Coleg is located on the other side of the Brannocburn river from Nórd Brannoc.

Súd Key

Nórd Brannoc (56.36888 N, 19.26033 E) is located south of St Brannoc town centre. It is a primarily residential neighbourhood which was laid out in the 18th century. The streets, lined with elegant C18 town houses slope down toward the quay. The area is served by Dunwic Stræt tram stop.



The Hýþ Tunel opened in 1994 and takes the Outerweg under the mouth of the Áfon Dun, the toll is collected by Dunwic Burhcounsil on the opposite side of the river. The other major road in St Brannoc is the dual-carriageway St Brannoc Weg which runs north-south through the mynster connecting it to central Dunwic.

Public Transport

St Brannoc's main public transport hub is St Brannoc Mid station. The station is served by RM Regio lines 12 and 13 and the Railweg Myrcia Airport Flyht service. It is also the terminating point for tram services on Trambæn lines 6 and 7 and for a number of Búsbæn lines. Other Trambæn stops in the mynster are Kirker Stræt, Brannoc Parc and Dunwic Stræt.

Mynsters of St Brannoc
Dælcomon · Dównburh · Fenbrig Nórdshor · Leeshór · St Brannoc