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11, 31.4178, 118.5325
City of Stanleyville
Ville de Stanleyville
Municipal city
 • RegionGrand-Est
 • ProvinceVal-de-Marien
Ethnic GroupsAtaraxians (67%), Wiwaxians (16%), Kojolese (6%), Kisundans (3%), Other (8%)
DemonymStanleyvillians (Ataraxian: Stanleyvillois)
 • MayorJérôme Drey
 • Census (2015)2,075,126 (metro)
Metro3 lines
Tram1 line

Stanleyville is the capital and largest city of the Val-de-Marien province and Great East region of the Federation of Ataraxia.


Stanleyville is home to Transports du Val-de-Marien, providing local bus, metro and tram services. It also provides regional rail service to neighboring provinces from its Val-du-Marien train station, as well as the Aéro-Express service to STA Airport from the COFAX-operated Gare de Stanleyville Internationale.

COFAX operates national and international rail service from Gare de Stanleyville Internationale, as well as some local and regional services along its standard-gauge east-west rail line.

Stanleyville is served by the Stanleyville-Val du Marien International Airport (STA), the third-busiest airport in Ataraxia and hub for WiwaxAir.

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