Stanleyville International Airport

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Z13, 31.362 °N, 118.360 °E
Stanleyville-Val de Marien International Airport
Aéroport International de Stanleyville-Val de Marien
(national name)

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Basic information
Country Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia
City Chanville serving Stanleyville
Began operation 1944 (extensions 1994, 2005)
Time zone +7
Elevation AMSL 92 m
Passengers 21,500,000
Aircraft operations 101,000
Direction Length
2R/20L 4200 m
2L/20R 4200 m
Number Length
H1 37 m
Highways AX-8, AX-85
Suburban rail lines TVM Aéro-Express
Metro lines None
Postcode 82400
Telephone +0321 (0)8452-0990

The Aéroport International de Stanleyville-Val de Marien (Ingerish: Stanleyville-Val de Marien International Airport, STA) is a major intercontinental airport in the Val-de-Marien province serving the Stanleyville metropolitan area. It serves as a transportation hub for the Grand-Est region and beyond, into Vyse in Wiwaxia and northeastern Hoppon.

STA Airport is the third-busiest airport in passenger movements in Ataraxia behind Ataraxia International and Oyonnax, largely due to its status as a hub for WiwaxAir.

The East terminal was built for WiwaxAir's hub and serves national and international flights from WiwaxAir and Air Wiwaxia.

The West Terminal is the original terminal and serves all other national and international traffic (including Air Ataraxie).

Ground Transportation

STA Airport is served by a TVM-built and operated Aéro-Express rail link to the Gare de Stanleyville Internationale, taking about 20 minutes to cover the 18km distance to the city center.

Express buses also operate to regional cities including Ambeyron, Dagot and St. Simon.

Airlines and Destinations

While WiwaxAir is controlled by Air Wiwaxia, is technically registered in Ataraxia and listed on the Ataraxian stock exchange, and thus able to fly both domestic and international flights. It operates as a domestic competitor to Air Ataraxie with its hub at STA, while sending passengers to the Air Wiwaxia hub at Wiwax-Pargiter International Airport for long-haul flights.

Airline Destination Terminal Notes
Air Ataraxie Ataraxia International, Élisabethville, Léopoldville, Oyonnax West
Air Khaiwoon Khaiwoon West
Air Wiwaxia Lydgate, Murthwaite, Willmore, Wiwaxmouthe East
Axian Rive-Sud West
Gobrassian Gobras City West
WiwaxAir - Domestic Baie Chevrise, Banningstad, Castellac, Cyrano, Desprairies, Donatien, Élisabethville, Fenelec, Gif, Ginex, Landec, Lin, Marienbad, Mendleton, Oyonnax, Perseus, Rosaville, Rouselle, Saint-Sébastien, Saturnay, Trax, Villemarie East
WiwaxAir - International Cape Angkatell, Cibolerang, Constance-Reid, Finkyase, Khaiwoon, Jaka, Niscavo, Pakuan, Parahyangan, Pyingshum, Tilney, Verney, Vila Real, Wiwaxmouthe, Yoyomi East