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StarBurgers is a very popular fast food restaurant based in Freedemia. While its food is generally the normal burger, chicken, and fries fast food, it is well known for consistent twists in the food and having high quality food. StarBurgers is also famous for having turkey burgers, vegetarian burgers and beef burgers as options, as well as only using beef and/or turkey bacon on bacon burgers and sandwiches. StarBurgers also has a small menu of fancier foods at particular locations in the StarElite menu.

"So Good You'll Be Seeing Stars"


StarBurgers was created in 1959 with the creation of the first diner-style location in downtown Quentinsburgh, though said location has since closed. They have slowly expanded throughout Freedemia and are currently looking to expand internationally. In 1972, StarBurgers started transitioning mostly over to the walk-in or drive-thru format fast food restaurants are famous for. The first international location was opened in 2004 in Galeria 50x170 in Villa Constitucion in the Ardisphere. Since then, locations have been expanding worldwide. In 2016, StarBurgers expanded to Balonis, by opening 7 restaurants in the country.

For about the first thirty years or so StarBurgers simply went by the slogan "It's Out of this World!" However, in 1992, they changed the slogan to "Food so tasty you'll see stars". In 1998 they changed the slogan to "It's so good that you'll be seeing stars" and changed the jingle to match. In 2004, they dropped the "It's" and "that" and left the slogan as simply "So Good You'll be Seeing Stars", while retaining the same 9-note jingle, but removing the words.

The slow transformation of the StarBurgers Logo to what it is today.

The logo has changed over the years as well. The original logo from the 60s was a star with a burger on it. Then around 1979, the logo became a star on a red trapezoid, followed by a modified version with the trapezoid as part of the star. Eventually, the logo slowly became the one it is today.

Signature Food Items

  • BakeFrywich (chicken or beef)
  • Chillettuce Wraps (lettuce and tortilla wraps filled with beef, chicken, or fish)
  • Shooting StarBurger (lots of toppings like beef or turkey bacon, cheese, onions, tomatoes, and a thin layer of fries on a beef or turkey cheeseburger)
  • StarNuggets (chicken nuggets with different flavors of breading and sauces)
  • The Bird (turkey Burger, turkey bacon and a chicken patty)
  • The Lambwich (Lamb chop on a savory bun with onions and cheese, sort of a "Philly Cheese Lambsteak")
  • The Beef Baconwich (Beef bacon on a beef or turkey cheeseburger)
  • (Turkey Baconwhich substitutes turkey bacon and turkey burgers)
  • The StarFish (fish filet, patty slightly in shape of star. Not really a starfish.)
  • StarShakes
  • MoonBites and MoonSticks (Breaded cheese bites and breaded Mozzarella sticks)

Signature StarValue Menu

The StarValue Menu is known for a special deal where each item costs f`1 and 4 items cost f`3 (that's right, 4 for f`3!!).

StarKids Menu

Formerly the ProtoStar Menu, the StarKids menu includes smaller versions of many larger menu items for kids and children, and most meals come with a toy.

StarElite Menu

Fancier meals like the Lambwich and StarClub Burgers are part of the slightly more expensive StarElite Menu, generally serving lunch and dinner at select locations.

Yearly Thanks Day/Family Feast Outreach

Being a Christic company, all StarBurgers locations participate in a yearly Thanks Day/Family Feast Day outreach in Novemeber, where on Thanks Day and the day before, everyone that comes in gets a free StarValue Menu meal to help people get the food they need in Freedemia and around the world. Those who can pay can choose to, and all profits gained from selling meals will go towards feeding those in need.

StarBurgers even opens some temporary locations in parks and other areas on Thanks Day and the Day before for the sole purpose of distributing food to those who need it and collecting donations to put towards feeding others in need.

Sunday operations

StarBurgers was originally (between 1959 and 1964) closed on weekends entirely. In 1965, locations were opened up on Saturday but remained closed on Sunday for religious reasons. Later, major 24-hour locations along major freeways and such began to open at 1pm on Sundays (frequently known as 24-6 locations), while all the others have remained closed on Sundays.