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Starmobile Auto Group is a car manufacturer and dealer based out of Freedemia. Both Starmobile and Jazzalini automobiles are manufactured and sold by Starmobile Auto Group.


Starmobile Models

  • Magneta- flagship sports sedan, multiple models
  • Ignition- sports sedan
  • Starter- budget sedan
  • Canyon- pickup truck, comes in multiple models
  • Podster- small rounded smart car type vehicle, multiple models. Main model seats 4 or 5
  • Urba- compact city car meant to be the next generation of Podsters. Multiple models. Main model seats 5 or 4 with trunk space. Known for it's distinctive sideways fifth seat.
  • Siete- seven seater crossover or SUV, multiple models
  • Ocho- eight seater SUV/minivan, multiple models
  • Nova- modern hatchback, multiple models
  • Skylight- convertible sports coupe, also comes in sedan version


Jazzalini is Starmobile's sporty/luxury brand, launched in 2002 to replace SLV, Stamobile's previous luxury brand.

Jazzalini Models

  • Classico- main classic sedan, modeled after older luxury cars
  • Allegro- luxury car, large sedan
  • Crescendo- luxury sports sedan
  • Fortissimo- luxury car, more powerful
  • Pianissimo- luxury sedan, more soft, smooth feel and design
  • Echo- luxury crossover or SUV depending on model
  • Reverb- luxury sedan



Starmobile also manufactures and sells a bus and train brand known as Starmobility.


Starmobility offers several models and types of buses, from van buses to school buses to charter buses to city buses. Starmobility is one of the largest manufacturers of buses in the world. Roughly 85% of all Freedemian buses, including those owned by Greenleaf Bus Lines and city transit companies like QUARTA, have been manufactured by Starmobility.


Starmobile has also created some trains as well under the Starmobility name. However, since Freedemia primarily turns to Chang y Sainz, an Ardispherian rail manufacturer, for all their rail needs, Starmobility's rail division has not gotten far off of the ground. However, two trams in Quentinsburgh, one to the airport and one to the Geolympiad complex, have been equipped for and used by Starmobile trams. Starmobility's main train works are light rail and trams.


SLV, or Starmobile Luxury Vehicles, is a now-defunct brand that used to be Starmobile's number one luxury brand. From 1950 to 1995, SLV led the pack in luxury vehicles (at least within Freedemia), known for their classic style luxury cars. However, in the late 90's Starmobile decided to take their luxury brand in a new direction. Jazzalini was launched in 2002, with a wider variety of cars that were both luxury and sporty, and SLV manufactured its last cars in 2005. However, SLV somewhat lives on- SLV's LeSilva was the primary inspiration for today's Jazzalini Classico.

Classic SLV Models (no longer in production)

  • LeSilva (now today's Jazzalini Classico)
  • McKay
  • Candace
  • Alegra (now today's Jazzalini Pianissimo, also inspiration for Allegro)
  • LeSandre

Racing Models

The Starmobile Magneta, Starmobile Ignition, Starmobile Skylight, and the Jazzalini Crescendo all have racing models, each with the name followed by RM (ex. MagnetaRM). They are very popular among Freedemian racers.

Starmobile is one of the manufacturers of the LBCAS. It has won the most LBCAS Manufacturers' Championships.

Research and Development

Freedemia has recently become a member of the International Council on Solar Energy. As such, Starmobile is looking into solar energy as an alternative power source for vehicles within ICSE standards. Starmobile hopes that by 2025 they will have a hybrid solar vehicle and by 2030 a fully solar vehicle.

Starmobile is also looking into several other alternative fuels. Natural Gas is already a large part of Starmobile's designs, as since the GreenBuilt Coalition it has made up the largest percentage of the nation's fuel.