Surb Rēkku

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Surb Rēkku (*1602; †1672) was the 6th ruler of the early Pyilser-krun'a Dynasty, son of his predecessor Surb-Firyongdo and father of his successor Surb-Kyiffae. While at the beginning of his reign in 1618, at the age of 16, he only ruled over what is now Pyingshum and the immediate surroundings, by 1668 he had unified what today forms the modern Kojo by the means of war, diplomacy and family ties. Therefore he is known as the great founding figure of the Kojolese nation, and his reign marks the transition to the high Pyilser-krun'a Dynasty, which would rule the country as a kingdom until 1828.

Surb Rēkku was born in Pyingshum Chénbyue, the chateau that still stands on the castle hill in the old town of Pyingshum. From here he ruled over his kingdom throughout the rough times that were to come; he maneuvered his subjects through the war and famine torn 1620's, and he and his kingdom emerged as an even more dominating power in the wider region than before. Most notably he married Hoppon princess Chihaya Nabunga in 1622, which gained him the support of the far but not powerless Hopponese kingdom. Hopponese influenced reached much further than just the royal court, and had a significant impact on modern Kojolese language and culture. Over the years he conquered many of the still struggling territories to the south, and after the first large victories he was quick in convincing merchant leagues and other powerful institutions in other kingdoms to support his efforts in unifying the countless many small kojolese kingdoms and principalities. He was also able to win over opponent rulers, who in many cases were barely in control of their territories in the fist place, by offering them access into his family by marrying off several of his children. It is said that "one third [of the kingdoms to conquer] he burnt down, one third he had his daughter sleep with, and one third begged him to become part of his realm".