Camino los Cerdos

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The Camino los Cerdos / Swine Street

This sea-passge is a dangerous thrughfare near the Cabo los Cerdos at the most eastern pont of the tarephian continent in Latina north of the Port of Van Pelt City. Because there are many rocks and island, the way is difficult to find with a sailing-ship. So only a skipper, who was a "swine" will take this passage direct near the Cabo los Cerdos (Swine Cap) trough this strait. The more careful captain sails around the St. Tropaios Island.

The smallest part of the strait at ebbtime is only 8 km and not at all of this the water is deep enought for greater ships. So it is necessary, to sail exactly north to south at 49.725 ° East - today a lesser problem. While the passage is the shorter way to the northern part of Tarephia or to Uletha from Van Pelt or Porto Colon, now there is a lot of traffic with great container-ships. Noumerous lighthouses will show the way.

At the San Tropaios Island is the first great Observatory of Latina (from 1834). Formerly it was set exactly at the 0° - now it is 50° East.

Some kilometers in the south is the Collina Island, where 1477 Bernard Van Pelt was landed, instead to sail in the labyrinth of the Camino los Cerdos 12, -10.7863, 49.4512