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The Sword of the Neredgers is the second oldest faction in Belphenia based in Neredge, Kairawiel in the state of Northwest Belphenia. It is also the rival guild to the Knights of the Eraede. The faction was founded by Moka Onodera on March 27, 1539. Its current guild master is Akina Shirashi.


In 1539, shirarume Moka Onodera established the organization in Neredge, Arata (modern-day Kairawiel) in response to the town's desperate need of recruiting the samurai to guard the gates of the town of Mizoriname from the Knights of the Eraede.

In 1541, the Sword of the Neredgers ended their rivalry with the Knights of the Eraede when five Great Heartists expelled Onodera's sister Aoi Onodera for avoiding the sword naming ceremony during the Great Heart month of Moka.

In 1602, Moka Onodera's death affected the Jellal Uprising when the Sword of the Neredgers' samurai had to force themselves to lose the battle to the Jellal shogunate on December 26, one day before the death of the Knights of the Eraede's guild master Elena Heartfilia. After Elena Heartfilia died, the Jellal shogunate forgave the Sword of the Neredgers and called off the battle. On January 3, 1603, the Sword of the Neredgers traveled to Eraede for the funerals of the two guild masters.

Throughout the Volkman period, the faction struggled to continue getting involved with Great Heart when Sasuke Volkman banned the religion in 1941 resulting in a cultural and religious crisis among the Belphenian samurai. Between 1944 and 1988, the Sword of the Neredgers discretely led the development of the Interstate Highways of Belphenia in honor of Belphenia's late President Miyake Toshiro, until Volkman forced the faction to abandon the project in October 1988. On April 9, 1991, the Interstate Highways project was resumed, but in a more discrete setting without the involvement of Volkman.

In 1996, Tashiro Shirosama, the faction's leader, defeated the Brallan Province Movement in Neredge, most likely inspired by Sayuri Nonomura's battle with the Nyduwen Clan in the Yashimi era. Shirosama tried to restore democracy to Belphenia but he and his faction had to retreat to avoid being forced to rename Neredge to Gilford City when Volkman arrived in the city's south suburbs.

The Sword of the Neredgers was falsely accused of treason by the Volkman regime throughout 1997 and 2004 for remembering Miyake Toshiro, and was thrown into a political crisis between the faction and supporters of Volkman's political system, resulting in the execution of Tashiro Shirosama on September 4, 2004. That led the Sword of the Neredgers to elect Yaeko Miyajima as the faction's next leader without Volkman or his supporters present in Neredge's Arawaka Samurai District. She then restarted the Interstate Highways project in 2005 without the Volkman regime knowing their whereabouts until they were forced to stop in late 2010. The Interstate Highways project was fully completed on March 31, 2011.

On April 6, 2011, Yaeko Miyajima was killed in the April 5 massacre by the supporters of Heidi Law for "remembering Miyake Toshiro by building his so-called Interstate Highways and mass betrayal to Volkman's might", according to the Belphenia Central News Authority, that led to the faction losing their leader. Seiji Inouye appoints another samurai, Eriko Enoki, to become the faction's next leader. Enoki then told the faction that she resumed the rivalry with the Knights of the Eraede again at the time when Sasuke Volkman was overthrown on April 19, 2011.

The faction became involved in the first stage of the Battle of Shirahoshi when they infiltrated the Volkman Manor in Yamamari, Springfay Province (modern-day Heartfilia Prefecture) using motorized vehicles with Great Heart's Endless Wind symbols on them, calling for Volkman supporters to surrender in efforts to abolish the ban on Great Heart and its religion under a new Belphenian government. In the war's second stage, Eriko Enoki was killed in battle on January 7, 2012. Yasutoki Uesugi, a samurai, was elected by the Sword of the Neredgers in February 2012 until Sakura Handa, the guild master of the Knights of the Eraede, fought each other until the third stage, the Battle of Edaleria, took place between February 23 and May 5, 2012. In the war's final stage, Sakura Kurmochi defeated the entire Edeiwyn Clan due to that shogunate was still believing in Volkman's cult of personality. After the battle, she was the first samurai ever to defeat Belphenia's most dangerous pirate, Sumi Kuroda on July 24, 2013.

After the events of the Battle of Shirahoshi, Great Heart and the Belphenian government passed new laws including the Battle of Shirahoshi Warrior Act of 2011 to make it illegal for guilds to have rivalry against each other. The new law became mandatory, that the Sword of the Neredgers had no options but to end their rivalry with the Knights of the Eraede in mid-August 2013. Because of the new laws imposed by Great Heart's governing body and the Belphenian government, Yasutoki Uesagi resigned as guild master, but to stay with the faction as an S-Class Elite Member. Akina Shirashi, a female samurai based in Celiniel, Lornesse, was elected as the faction's next leader on August 29, 2013.

Between 2014 and 2016, Akina Shirashi and the Sword of the Neredgers were interviewed in a special documentary on Belphenia State Television about their experiences with the Battle of Shirahoshi. Shirashi also said in an interview with BSTV reporter Lisanna Xanthe that she narrated in the 2016 Belphenian war film, "Shirahoshi".


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