Lapistan and Azurea

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6, 10.930, 13.140
United Republic of Lapistan and Azurea
Vereinte Republik von Lapistan und Azurea
"Weißheit und Wissen, Unabhängigkeit und Souveränität, Freiheit und Friede!"
Wisdom and Knowledge, Independence and Sovereignty, Freedom and Peace!
Die geeinte Nation
Largest citytbd
Official languagestbd
Ethnic Groups
Green Examplese (53%), Purple Examplian (23%)
 • Estimatetbd

The "Vereinte Republik von Lapistan und Azurea" (International Name: United Republic of Lapistan and Azurea) is a landlocked country in the Continent of Tarephia There is no capital yet.



The country has several languages, the main language of the people is a gaermanic language called T'schermän (internationally known as T'schermenn), which is spoken by almost everyone born and raised in Lapistan and Azurea. There are a few more local variants that are explained further here.


Gjaarmaan, or internationally known as North-T'schermenn, is a dialect spoken mainly in Deserterria. It has it's own alphabet[1] and misses some letters, most noted e, h and k.

Government Structure

States, Districs and Cities

The Country contains four States (Bundesländer):

State Capital Reference
Westannex Neuhafen W
Azurea tbd A
Lapistan tbd L
Deserterria tbd D

Each State has a reference number which is also carried by the Districs, Municipalities/Cities and Countries in it. For example, the City of Neuhafen's ref is WWN-S which stands for Westannex -> Westannex-West -> Neuhafen, the -S stands for "Stadt" (City) to not confuse it with the County of Neuhafen (ref: WWN-L; the L stands for "Landkreis")


Most of the Countrys transport services rely heavily onto Boats and Rails, Neuhafen is the main Import-Port for the Country

Road based transport

Road reference numbers

The reference numbers of Roads is to be determined in the following way:

  • First Letter: reference of the State
  • Second Letter: Type of road [Primary|Secondary|Tertiary|Trunks (X)|International connectors (Z)] (Omitted for Motorways)
  • Even Number: East-West
  • Odd Number: North-South
  • Ending with Zero: Circular

The length of the Number determines the length of the road, a Road labeled W 11 will be longer than one labeled W 133.

If a road ends with a letter (for example WP 1a) this is an alternative route to the regular road with that reference number.

License Plates

Normal format: (State ref)(Province ref to numbers)-(3 Counting up letters)(3 Counting up numbers)(Validation number) E.g.

First plate: W11-AAA-111-X

Second plate: W11-AAA-112-X

and so on...




Due to the amount of content this part has been moved to a spearate page


There is a Ministry for Internal Affairs, which governs the four main Police for each state.


Most of the major utility providers operate as private stock corporations due to the fact that this way each owning governmental body (States, Municipalities/Cities) has an equal voting power. The shares of said companies are not traded public, in fact it is forbidden for the entitys to even offer the shares to the public market, the maximum a gov. body is allowed to do is to offer the shares to the next higher entity (e.g. Municipality offers their shares to the County/State).


High Voltage

The countrys main high Voltage line are operated by the "Hochvoltnetze AG" (HVN-AG), which is a founding member of the TransContinetalPowerNetwork.

Medium and Low Voltage

The medium voltage lines are operated by local utility providers.


Due to the desert climate in the Northern State there are plans to construct a large reservoir in the Southern Rainforest to transport water with Pipelines to the north to stop ongoing desertification.

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