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Logo of the TMkart
An example TMkart with 3030 discount

The TMkart is a contactless travel card administered by the government of Myrcia and accepted on all public transport in the country. The card provides intergrated ticketing on bus, ferry, tram, metro and rail services and can also be used to pay the Hýþ Tunnel toll.


The TMkart began life as the Railkart which was introduced by Railweg Myrcia in 2005 to provide paperless ticketing on Myrcia’s nationalised rail service. The Railkart was expanded to cover Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic services in 2008 replacing Dunwic’s LGDkart. Administration of the Railkart passed to the Myrcian government in 2011 and it was renamed TMkart. By the end of 2012 all public transport services accepted TMkart fares and in 2014 a decision was made to phase out paper tickets on the island.


The TMkart comes in two major variations, a temporary use and long-term use version. The long-term use card costs Sh15 and includes photographic ID, it provides a 10% discount on fares and can be purchased from any Railweg Myrcia or LGD Síjþoffic. The Visit TMkart is a paper card which includes a TMkart chip, it costs Sh2 and has a month-long validity.

In addition to these two cards a number of discount cards are available to Myrcian citizens. The u25 TMkart offers 40% off travel for young people under-25, the +65 TMkart offers the same discount for senior citizens and the 3030 TMkart is available to anyone and offers 30% off off-peak fares and 30 days a year of free unlimited travel, it costs Sh70.


The TMkart can be loaded either with a specific fare which is purchased at a ticket office or machine or with a pay-as-you-go balance which can be topped up at stations or in any branch of Kioski or Co-op.


Lyft began life as the frequent flyer programme for Flyht Myrcia but it was expanded in 2015 to cover all public transport in Myrcia and to be linked to a TMkart. The scheme covers Flyht Myrcia flights, any flight on a Geolliance partner airline, Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic and Railweg Myrcia travel and ferry travel on Fær Myrcia.