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A note

Some names, placed and people on this page are prematurely assigned for easy canonization, such as the Capital District, and details will be corrected as development of those regions unfolds further. As soon as any of these details is made official, all records will be updated. Record keeping is being kept in this way to ensure that members of collaborative states are ensured the same opportunities for sporting as privately owned states. For any complaints, please Zytik know.



I would suggest changing the divisions. The two Stanton teams should be in different divisions; from a purely business perspective it would be better since there would be a wider variety of teams coming into Stanton (which means higher ticket sales). Also, the South Division is very spread out, likely over at least 2+ time zones. My proposal:

• Frontier Division: Jundah, Santa Rosa, Mennowa Capital, St. Joseph (same as West)

• Southwest Division: Lake City, Saint-Armand, Ohunkagan, one of the Seneppi cities

• Northeast Division: Oxlake, Capital, Stanton-A, Rivertown

• Southeast Division: Stanton-B, Warwick, Burton, Hope Harbor

I think each of these divisions would have some logical expansion opportunities without significantly changing the balance of the league. TheMayor (talk) 08:45, 28 December 2018 (CET)

Overwiki danger?

Are you sure you are not overdoing it? What I suggested was to start slowly and establish something. Instead this project shows the early signs of overwikification again. There are already sixteen editions "in preparation". I wonder whether you chose to use external links for the seasons on purpose so you don't see any red links. Doing a tournament with full results is one thing, but doing sixteen seasons with full results...? 20 weeks times 8 matches times 16 seasons. It's a lot isn't it? Also you did not use any templates to keep teams easily maintainable. Given the usual fluctuation and the giant amount of usage of the names, venues, etc. it's a must-do.

However it's your choice. I am only seeing patterns I have seen from failing projects before. It's yours not to make it happen to your project as well. Think about quality before quantity. --Toadwart (talk) 00:53, 30 December 2018 (CET)

Indeed here I see a lot of overwikification. Do you really will describe each season? --Histor (talk) 01:20, 30 December 2018 (CET)
Great questions. My thought process was this: What is the single thing that is currently a negative to running tournaments with other people involved? I thought it was the irregular playing of matches. Sometimes the host takes too long (months!) between matches, and other times they host it all at once. My resolution? Create an actual realistic schedule and adhere to it. I tried this method out during the Unity Cup and it worked great. Having a weekly cycle of matches inspired anticipation in people and it worked really well. I have already planned several other yearly installments of different sporting events. Now, I needed a story for the league. The first year I would roll out a live season for the AGL is 2019. But, it would be incredibly unrealistic for 16 teams to come out of nowhere to form the league. My solution? Add a few years of history, back to 2004, but not an excessive amount, like back to 1940. That way I could establish a unique identity for each team and make the seasons seem really authentic (regardless of some misisng mapping details in some teams like the Capital District Team). I am also trying to bring something lively to OGF here, and this is the first step. Along with the Unity Cup and AGL, if I set up a few leagues in different sports like Hockey and Lacrosse, after the setup is complete, there would be a scenario like the real world where matches would not be too frequent for any sport, but often enough throughout the year so that any point in the year has some sport to look forward too. The only growing pain with this system is that it requires a dozen or so hours of the work at the beginning to build up the sports identities. After the identities have been constructed, the system only requires occassional input. So, although it may seem like a lot for now, it is only the initializing phase of the creation of a fun, and engaging sports playbill to last the entire year in the Federal States (and hey maybe it even draws some more people into investing in a territory in the FSA). Either way, I fully intend on carrying through with these endeavors and not performing the annoying mistakes of things like the Geoplympiad or thr OGFIFA. Please feel free to ask me any other questions about my plans! Thanks —Zytik (talk) 03:11, 30 December 2018 (CET)
Doing an entire season in "real time" is quite a task. I for myself decided to do my tournaments whenever I feel it's fun to do so. Currently a bit on hold while I wait for the Archipelago to get started for the next editions. Anyway, I decided to have managable chunks, with no pressure so I only continue when I'm in the mood. Of course, it's not nice for observers to wait for the results. But I don't feel I have many observers anyway. So, decide for yourself: Do it for your pleasure and/or to keep observers happy. The latter could be a threat to your motivation. --Toadwart (talk) 16:06, 30 December 2018 (CET)