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This Talk page will serve as a sandbox for coordinating projects taking place in TA027, aka Dematisna.

Dematisna is mapped in transliterated Arabic to the west of the Strait of Abren, and transliterated Greek to the east of the strait. It has a Mediterranean/Levantine climate and landscape, and a history of Hellenisian and Mazanic influences, as well as a Castellanese colonial history from the 1450s on. The country was controlled by several Ulethan and neighboring countries as an "international zone" from 1902-1969, when it became an independent country.

There are three coordinators who share the collaborative TA027 territory: clik, Louis walker, and oscar2002. If you have an idea for a project in Dematisna, please reach out to one of these three users before any mapping begins. Dematisna is a purple—not blue—territory, meaning that while it is being collaboratively mapped, it is not "open" for anyone to do what they want, and there is an overall guiding vision.

It is very important to maintain mapping quality, so users should have a demonstrated ability to map at a high level before requesting to work in TA027.


A project can be big or small; it can be a whole city (which may get 'subcontracted' into other projects for specific pieces) or a single complex or park. We are open to new ideas, so if you have thoughts, please reach out!

Project Project Manager Details Status
Seniqe Louis walker Metropolitan region of 7.5 million people on the east side of the strait Emb-yellow.pngIn Progress
Asithane oscar2002 Metropolitan region of 5.5 million people on the west side of the strait. Read more about it here: User:Oscar2002/Sandbox/Asithane Emb-green.pngOpen
Topographic detailing SwissCrusader Adding landuse details Emb-yellow.pngIn Progress
Seniqe interchanges Moskva Creating motorway interchanges for Seniqe's road network Emb-yellow.pngIn Progress
Seniqe stadia BMSOUZA Designing a network of major and minor sports facilities Emb-yellow.pngIn Progress
Seniqe International Airport Lyriax Mapping the city's primary airport in detail Emb-yellow.pngIn Progress
La Avanzada TBD Assembly of Nations-controlled international territory at the north end of the strait Emb-red.pngLaunching later in 2019


General discussion about Dematisna-related issues (geography, climate, culture, project ideas, etc) goes here...

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