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Drull is a "community territory," marked on the overview map with the color blue. This means "free to edit, no permission needed."

However, "blue" does not mean "draw whatever you want, wherever you want."

Most "blue" countries have established "traditions" of editing and collaboration. This talk page is intended to support collaboration for this country.

Active Users

Some long-term users have taken a particular interest in Drull. If you have questions about a feature or area, or an idea, it can be helpful to contact one of these users. If you have taken a particular interest in Drull, and your name is not on this list, please feel free to add your name below.

  • Luciano - one of the admin team, and a major colaborator in Drull.
  • thermo_nuclear - a major contributor to Drull.
  • TRJ - a major contributor to Drull.


This is a "blue" country and anyone is free to edit or change what I have written here. These are just some ideas I had to support my effort to "rescue" the city of Drull, which is a city I rather liked but that was abandoned by its creator.--Luciano (talk) 05:52, 15 April 2015 (CEST)

Hello, Luciano. Nice to see that you guys work to save abandoned cities too. :) I didn't know that. Do you have any plans for the Drull area itself/is the country now entirely collaborative? --Ernestpcosby (talk) 16:57, 15 April 2015 (CEST)

Language and Colonial Question

I´d love for my country, Forrintia, to have a colonial history. Is it ok if I change the former colonial ruler of this country from Ingerish to Forrintian? (from TRJ - --Histor (talk) 01:31, 16 April 2015 (CEST))

It is one part of the great question of coordination of history, language devellopement and so on for the OGF:planet, if Forrintia and the other both netherlands countries in SW-Archanta are the orign of this society. Formerly the convention was, that "the Dutch" come from Dagelanden in northeastern Uletha - so for the colony of New Holland, now part of Latina. Therefore it is not helpful, that Forrintia here has the leadership of colonisation. Luciano will answer your question.
By the way: with -- and four ~ you can set - as in a wiki usual - your signature or above with the signature-button --Histor (talk) 01:28, 16 April 2015 (CEST)
In the city of Drull and its surroundings, all the names appear to be Danish (or Norwegian). For that reason, when thinking of a colonial history for Drull, I invented "Elsinorean" (Danish). I like that aspect, so unless you want to go in and translate/change ALL the names on the Drull map from Danish ("Elsinorean") to Dutch ("Dagelandic"?), then the obvious colonials in Drull are Danish. I added Ingerland as a secondary colonial power, because I don't know Danish, personally, so I needed an excuse to have some English names for anything I might decide to add. I made the Drulli language a creole (Drulli Kreolsk) because as a creole, if I got the Danish grammar wrong (by using google translate, etc), I had a justification. Anyway, if you want to change the language, that's fine... but the language you choose for the wiki should match the language of the place-names on the map, and the language of the place-names on the map is clearly Nordic. --Luciano (talk) 01:44, 16 April 2015 (CEST)
The Dageland vs Forrintia as homeland of the Dutch is a different question altogether. I agree with Histor that, prior to the arrival of Forrintia, Dageland was the evident Dutch homeland, and geographically, Northwest Uletha seems to be "Europe". But there are other cases of problems with this scheme - Darcodia (northeast Uletha) = Italy? ... Vega (Southeast Archanta ) = Spain?. The language question in this world is quite messed up. My personal solution is to ignore the things that don't make sense. That doesn't work for everyone.--Luciano (talk) 01:44, 16 April 2015 (CEST)

Language questions aside, @TRJ - thank you for all the work you've done on Drull. Overall it's great and interesting work. Especially the Coat of Arms.  :) --Luciano (talk) 01:45, 16 April 2015 (CEST)

@TRJ - I do not have a problem with your making Dutch (High Astrasian) the main language of Drull. However, I do feel you have taken on a large responsibility: there are several HUNDRED place names in Drull that are all in Danish (or something like Danish) - they will need to be adjusted. I mean locality names, subway and train station names, parks, street names, etc. I originally chose Danish (Elsinorean) because that made the issue of rescuing the city easy - the names could all just stay the same. Now that we have made the language Dutch, all those names should be adjusted. For consistency's sake, I will probably continue to use Danish (as best I can with google translate) for any edits I make, until a major effort is made to revise the onomastics. There are several hundred additional place names "in reserve" in the backup file I have of the pre-delta-construction map.--Luciano (talk) 16:11, 16 April 2015 (CEST)

Administrative Divisions

Hey, folks, as part of the "something blue" challange of the month suggested by Luciano in the Users Diary section, I decided to create administrative divisions for Drull, since I noticed most places in the world were getting those divisions. Trying to be helpful, I read the wiki page of Drull and tried to do my best creating divisions with names and areas that would have some to do with the history and culture of the country. Little did I know that the Talk section of the wiki had plenty of rules and traditions that I should have obeyed! So, if you guys so decide, feel free to contact me and I'll delete everything I did on Drull. Thank you for your attention! --deltanz (talk) 23:57, 9 July 2016 (UTC/GMT-3)

Hi deltanz - I think it looks fine. I wouldn't worry about it. Knowing there were many Dutch speakers on OGF, after TRJ changed the national language to Dutch I have worked less on Drull because I'm not comfortable with the language (and because my mapping style requires names!). So your contributions are welcome!--Happy mapping - Luciano (talk) 05:15, 10 July 2016 (CEST)

I name different objects with some kind of language, mixed up from Dutch and German. But I don't know both languages so I use Google Translate and change some letters in words, for example, Links (german 'left') to lenks. You can look up the city of Fort Hessau for examples of my 'linguistic experiments' and say to me how to do it properly. Also I edited the DFS wiki page (added departments, its population and ad.centers). Maybe we should change the name of Schelpritz department, because its center is called the same? - thermo_nuclear, 13:45 28 Jul GMT+3

Hello, thermo_nuclear, I like the changes you made. Regarding the names of departments, I named Schelpritz like that just because the central city of that department is called Schelpritz! In the real world that's very common, like the city of New York in the state of New York, in the US, or the city of Rio de Janeiro in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. --deltanz (talk) 20:57, 13 August 2016 (UTC/GMT-3)

Embassy of Drull

What are the rules for creating embassies of Drull? --Zhenkang (talk) 02:11, 28 January 2017 (CET)

For any "blue" country, you are completely free to do so. Just keep it realistic - Drull is a poor country - their embassies will be low quality installations, often just an office in a side street or office tower, or a consul's residence.--Happy mapping - Luciano (talk) 03:04, 28 January 2017 (CET)