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The topics that will be discussed mainly on the page are the following:

  • Delete unrealistic elements on the map
  • General design of the city
  • General design of the area near the Mecyna Canal
  • Design of the north area of Phoenix
  • Mapping of the main characteristics of the city
  • Mapping of natural elements and main buildings
  • Mapping of roads and rail system
  • Mapping of airports and seaports
  • Mapping of suburbs and nearby cities

General design of Phoenix


Could we move this to the talk page of Phoenix proper or set a sandbox or an OGF:Phoenix project for the remake of the city? This might help into developing this as a collaborative and elevate the status of Phoenix as a collaborative capital (As Huntington or Gobras City). In my opinion, there are respectable ideas in the central city that probably might have to be refurbished for them to look good. The cross in the city center is a great idea, but it looks wonky as it isn't properly orthogonalized. The same could be said on the coastline, which is clearly artificial around the canal but it isn't orthogonal, as it would work better around that central cross. The small peninsula that pops out south, closer to the front island, could be used for an older city, parallel to Panama City (Maybe not with the road around it above the sea). I'm including a schematic map of it, with some other ideas on how to develop the central area for Phoenix: --Martinawa (talk) 19:39, 1 February 2020 (CET)

It's a good first proposal. I think the first thing we should do is to detail the coast so that it looks less artificial (trying not to damage the shape of the Canal) and empty the city to have a general view of the área. --Mapping Expert (talk) 17:51, 2 February 2020 (CET)
I'm looking into the bigger scale right now, trying to focus on whatever good we have in order to keep some of the "old" Phoenix identity. There are other points to focus into, like the port and the industrial area, which until this point have been definitely lacking (I struggle to remember if Phoenix had any industrial areas at all). A point can be made that its parallel Panama City doesn't have much of either, but I have two points to be made: First, the important port in the Panama Canal is Colón, which is in the other side of the canal, and also, I think geofiction is much more than just copying ideas from the real world and drawing a city based on a real one. From the area depicted, showing the old city peninsula as a real rugged peninsula, apart from maybe adding the beach south of the canal, would be good additions.

Other users

Other topics discussions

City development

Hi everyone. I have seen that the development of the "historic city" of Phoenix has already begun, but so far we have not approved a general design. That is why I ask the following questions:

  • Do you all agree with the Martinawa plan? I agree with most of what is proposed in this plan, but it depends on the support of several people to make it happen.
  • Will current map elements be maintained? For example, the center (which is exaggeratedly large in my opinion), the Bridalwood area and the current configuration of the area around the canal. This could greatly affect design suggestions (such as Martinawa's design).

I await your opinions below. --Mapping Expert (talk) 20:01, 2 February 2020 (CET)


Sorry if it is not the best place to talk about it, I just would like to give a suggestion: Please, try to create some "mecynian culture" in Phoenix mapping. Of course, I think is not needed to create an entire new language, with a big vocabulary and rules about verbs and pronunciations, I just talk about a different culture, not just one more english/ ingerish mapping. Examples I can say? Khaiwoon, maybe Onnutu... Take a look as the streets and place names does not looks like just a random ingerish/ english place in these countries I mentioned.

Why am I talking about it? Well, looks like it was the initial idea here, as, in Mecyna wiki article, is mentioned the local name of the country not as "Republic/ Monarchy/ Whatever of Mecyna", but "Mesina Vualisha". I think the capital mapping needs to follow this...

Just one more thing: Right now I renamed Apollo Creed Park and Roque Balboa Park, both to No-Name-Yet Park. Yes, they are are not real people but still well known in Real World, hehehe. -- BMSOUZA (talk) 00:00, 3 February 2020 (CET)

I totally agree with your proposal and I am sure that most will be. A general design is currently being planned, which seeks to avoid anything that returns to the city in one that resembles those of the United States. That's why we plan to use elements of Panama City in the city and include cultural or language aspects that would be common in Mecyna (like what you just mentioned). --Mapping Expert (talk) 00:20, 3 February 2020 (CET)
Yes, this is the right place to discuss these aspects; since they will influence the way we will design Phoenix. Any other topic that you want to discuss (that does not appear in the yellow box) can be discussed in this section. --Mapping Expert (talk) 00:21, 3 February 2020 (CET)