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Rhododactylia is a "community territory," marked on the overview map with the color blue. This means "free to edit, no permission needed."

However, "blue" does not mean "draw whatever you want, wherever you want."

Most "blue" countries have established "traditions" of editing and collaboration. This talk page is intended to support collaboration for this country.

Active Users

Some long-term users have taken a particular interest in Rhododactylia. If you have questions about a feature or area, or an idea, it can be helpful to contact one of these users. If you have taken a particular interest in Rhododactylia, and your name is not on this list, please feel free to add your name below.

  • Lányx - a major contributor to Rhododactylia.
  • Luciano - one of the admin team, and a major contributor to parts of Rhododactylia.
  • PortCal - a minor past contributor (Dalvasa).
  • skquinn - a major contributor to Rhododactylia.
  • Ūdilugbulgidħū - a minor contributor (Inolokala).

Capital city?

Has the user most responsible for mapping Quwertieville been consulted about making it the capital? I had originally planned to finish the city here and make that the capital, though I am fine with it being repurposed and/or made into the "old" capital. --Skquinn (talk) 03:07, 23 November 2015 (CET)

I only made Quwertieville the capital because it was the only town in the Capital Prefecture with a name. Of course you may change it. Actually, I don't like Quwertieville as the capital - it seemed to be the capital because it was in Capital Prefecture. Because the country is "blue," I think you should feel free to make those kind of decisions without worrying too much about consultation with other users - there are very few people active in mapping Rhododactylia. If other people don't like some decision you've made, I'm sure they'll let you know.--Luciano (talk) 03:47, 23 November 2015 (CET)
Capital has been changed to Rose City, and new capital district has been drawn. --Skquinn (talk) 05:13, 10 July 2016 (CEST)

Rhodo's national brands/chains

I have been fixing the problem with real world brands/trademarks long before it was an official rule. There are still plenty left to fix, but I thought I'd go ahead and list the brands I've been using, along with what category. If someone with better talent can make this a separate page and better organize it, it would be appreciated.

If you see a name I used that's not on this list, there's a possibility I intended it for use in only one city/locale. This list is only for names I'm using across the country or at least in more than one prefecture. For obvious reasons I'm not listing the real world equivalents here, but most should be fairly obvious (if there is one).

Fast food (cuisine in parentheses if not obvious): Quick Chicken; Central Coast Fried Chicken; Rockin' Rosie's (burger); Plympton's Burgers; AwesomeBurger; Whitescarver Wings; Sally's Sandwiches; Witchell's 'Wiches; Dextraze's Pizza & More; Jinkerson's Barbecue; Riptide Seafood

Restaurant: Juan's Tamale House (mexican); Bill Exavier's (american); Wesley's Waffles Etc. (american); Ruben & Thaddeus (american); Yardbird Emporium (chicken); Macina Pizza Kitchen; Antonio's Pizza Tavern; Guitar & Drums Cafe

Cafe: Crespin & Dobbins 32 (ice_cream), Scarborough's (coffee_shop)

Department store: Quisenberry Brothers; Zimmerman, O'Leary & Company; Royal Palace

Convenience store: 24 Mart (for locations open 24/7 only); Zippy Mart; Kangaroo Jack's; Spheres Mart

Supermarkets: VPC Market; Dickinson's Grocery & More; All-n-One; FOB (western prefectures only); Strayer & Stutts Market (western prefectures only)

Clothing: Allison & Mary; Barczyk & Elbanna; Goose & Gander Outfitters; Mannix, Stenzel, & Zellmer Company; Roussel & Collins

Shoes: Schub's Shoes; Apricot Shoe Company; Feet First Fashion

Car rental: Henry's; Avner's; Eggleston's; Buchbinder's

Movie theater: Forsyth-Green Cinemas

Office supply: Otto's Office Supplies

Candy store: Sheree Sweetland Candy Company

Tea shop: Phelps & Mathis Tea Company

Coffee shop: Golden Gong Coffee Company

Fuel brands (note, usually not the same as the convenience store brand): Panther Paw, Mollusk, Dragonjuice, PetroSphere

NAMES NEEDED FOR: Tea shop, Coffee shop, Hifi (stereo) shop, Electronics, Laundry, Restaurants with cuisines not covered above, Car rental, Fuel brands, Movie theater, Office supply, anything else not listed that would probably have a national chain in the real world

--Skquinn (talk) 15:50, 18 July 2016 (CEST) (edited since)

If you change the names, it is also necessary to change over here @ OGF:International Business Listing --Zhenkang (talk) 05:45, 31 January 2017 (CET)

Highways and speed limits

When I first started mapping Rhododactylia, quite a few of the speed limits were in mph (miles per hour) and the highway numbering was something similar to the UK system. Before noticing this, I had set most of my speed limits in km/hour and I have since been able to transition the remaining mph speed limits to km/hour. I have also transitioned the non-motorway highway system into prefecture highways (with the abbreviation of the prefecture they are in followed by a space and the number) and Rhododactylian National Roads (with "RNR" followed by a space and a number). There's no set pattern to either, though most highways should be numbered 99 or lower, with the exception being major spurs/loops off of a highway which should be numbered with a multiple of 100 plus the main highway number (i.e. spurs/loops off of SS 6 would be SS 106, SS 206, etc.). Currently most RNR spurs/loops are a prefecture highway numbered the same way (example: DA (Dalvasa) 166 off of RNR 66). Most RNR and prefecture highways are not motorways, but there's nothing saying portions of them can't be.

Eventually I plan to renumber the motorways as well into something similar to the US Interstate system, except called the Interprefecture Highway system and using "IP" refs. IP 10, IP 20, ... 90 would be the major east-west highways and IP 5, 15, ... 95 would be the major north-south highways. Thoughts? There's no set scheme to how the current motorways are laid out, as the mapper who started them didn't really name a set scheme for me to follow and I just sort of winged it. The only kink is geography dictates that some highways have to just follow the coast, and thus would change numbers for no other readily apparent reason. If someone has a better idea, I'm all for it, but I really think we need something with more rhyme and reason than the current M-numbers scheme. --Skquinn (talk) 16:06, 18 July 2016 (CEST)

Military bases and other stuff

Please, let's try to keep the military bases/landuse areas of a sane size, not overrunning existing highways, and certainly not of the sort where existing highways need to be sliced in half at apparently arbitrary boundaries. I don't think Rhododactylia's military needs to be all that big, just big enough to keep the country secure. I am fine with making the airfield already drawn near Grey Lake City to be a military airfield; it was not part of my plan but I'm willing to go along with it. However, Grey Lake City will also need a civilian airport as well. --Skquinn (talk) 09:14, 28 August 2016 (CEST)


Where is the history of Rhododactylia? Can someone develop this country's wiki in the history part? Rhododactylia is colonised by who? Thanks. --Zhenkang (talk) 02:39, 9 December 2016 (CET)

Good question. I would assume the Ingerish at some point, it's a question of how long ago. I have worked on the history of Frogtown specifically but not the country at large; my main concern is making sure all the various local histories have continuity with the country's history and there aren't any parts that don't make sense when taken together. --Skquinn (talk) 03:48, 9 December 2016 (CET)

If it is by the Ingerlish then it should be driving on the left, not the right. Possibly by other colonises after the Ingerlish gave up on Rhododactylia some years ago? Also, a good date would be around 1800-1900, colonisation end 1930s. (I Think). What do u think? --Zhenkang (talk) 04:51, 9 December 2016 (CET)

The US, Canada, Belize... were all British Colonies, and drive on the right. Interestingly, the US Virgin Islands drives on the left, and is nevertheless a CURRENT US colony. Meanwhile, Indonesia was a Dutch colony, but drives on left, while Netherlands drives on the right. I think who the colonial power was has no bearing on what side of the road a country chooses. On more general matters of the history of Rhododactylia, I have coneptualized it as being somewhat like Australia, but I haven't done much with it. People are free to innovate - my only request is to leave room for the native peoples (Kshang), since I have put a lot of work into them.--Happy mapping - Luciano (talk) 10:00, 9 December 2016 (CET)
Btw if there's any country that does want to copy Ingerland, it's worth noting that they seem to drive on the right. --Isleño (talk) 19:04, 9 December 2016 (CET)

Plans for the history: Firstly the Kshanga tribes establlished settlements as far back as the 10th century, then Ingerland colonised Rhododactylia in the mid-15th century. Ingerish rule favoured over the Ingerish, Babelic and Ulethan people instead of the Kshangs, making them unhappy and fight for independence without much success until the 19th century. Commonia tried to conquer Rhododactylia somewhere in the 1700s without success. Eventually the majority of the Kshangas ruled, but the 1st prime minister introduced the controversial Kshanga Only Act, recognising the Kshanga Language as the only official language of the government. The bill posed a grave concern for the Babelic community, which perceived in it a threat to their language and culture. Revoultions by the Babelicans? Eventually the communism idea was supported due to ideas on equality, communist rule for only 5 years? Communism ended (1960s), Rhododactylia Civil War due to racial inequality and different political ideologies started for another 5 years ending with Rhododactylia separated for 20 years, north by Communist Babelic and south by Socialist Kshanga? Eventually decided that equality and justice is needed for a complete Rhododactylia, and reunified in 1990s. Rhododactylia became prosperous.

The above is what I think. If there is disagreement please feel free to discuss. Happy mapping and God bless--Zhenkang (talk) 02:52, 19 February 2017 (CET)


Can the Singkangian pound is accepted as "customary tender" in Rhododactylia according to a Currency Interchangeability Agreement signed before previously? Likewise the other way round when the Mark is also legal tender in Singkangia? This is to establish ties between these two countries. --Zhenkang (talk) 09:18, 23 December 2016 (CET)

I'll have to think on this one. Are there examples of this in the real world? I know of fixed exchange rates such as Liberia's dollar (to the US dollar). Speaking for myself, I have no issues with a free trade agreement between Rhododactylia and Sinkangia at the least, but right now I think allowing the currencies to be legal tender across borders is a bit much. --Skquinn (talk) 04:42, 5 March 2017 (CET)

Smaller towns

We need to do some smaller towns as well. ~SamTheWox

I have been working on building out some of the smaller towns. Many of them have placeholder nodes for a c-store and fuel station, and in some cases other establishments such as clothing store, shoe store, cafe, fast food, restaurant, motel, etc. --Skquinn (talk) 13:37, 28 March 2018 (CEST)