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Iso Code TAR
Status Active
Value 1TAR roughly equals the cost of one bread

The Tare is a nationwide currency used in Tarephia. It is used in member states of the Tarephia Cooperation Council

Countries using the Tare as single currency

The following list contains all countries that use the Tare as an official currency:

Countries using the Tare beneath its own currency

  • Latflag.png Latina - official currency is the Latina Pound
  • FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia - Tare is official, alongside main currency the Freedemian freedin. 1 Freedin = 1.10 Tare
  • Bandiera na Barzona.png Barzona - The tare is not used in Barzona, but the lira of Barzona is pegged to the tare at a rate of 21 lira per tare.

Administration of the Tare

The Tarephian Central Bank is the authority that manages the Tare. The bank is located in Hexagonia City, Tigeria.

There are two banknote production facilities for the Tare:

There are two mints for the Tare: