Tarephia-Antarephia Free Trade Agreement

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The Tarephia-Antarephia Free Trade Agreement is a trade agreement and border treaty between Freedemia, Narghana, and Nature, with the hope of other nations nearby later becoming a part of it if approved.

logo of proposed TAFTA.

Original Proposal

In 2014, discussions began between Freedemia, Narghana, and the Autonomous Province of Nature about the possibility of opening their borders for free trade and easier travel and transport. This proposal was originally called the Western Tarephia Free Trade Agreement. However, after further discussion, it was decided that the treaty should be open to others in the surrounding areas of Tarephia and Antarephia to join.

Open Borders for Trade and Travel

Like the Gobras Peninsula Free Trade Agreement, the proposal includes the opening of the borders between participating nations. Transportation of goods (by bus, train, boat or plane) would be open between all nations, restrictions and taxes would be reduced, and travel between nations by citizens of participating nations would be made easier with less extreme but reasonable security measures that would allow for citizens to travel back and forth between nations freely with government issued photo ID's. Visitors are able to remain in a member nation for 75 days without a visa.

Some Parts Specialized

The original proposal included the complete elimination of border security between member nations; however, the new proposal loosens border security while keeping it intact.


With approval by Freedemia, Narghana, and Nature, TAFTA was ratified in mid-December of 2015.