Tauhon Medical Center

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16, 1.7238, 42.5133
Tauhon Medical Center
Neighborhood of Jundah
Dr. Wen Lai Plaza in front of Wright Memorial Hospital in the Tauhon Medical Center
CountryFLAGTAU.png Tauhon
Elevation38 m (124 ft)
Postal CodeJU 141

The Tauhon Medical Center (TMC) is a 700-acre neighborhood in north Jundah. The neighborhood is roughly centered around the intersection of Broad and Cambridge Streets, three miles north of the city center. Dozens of medical institutions, including Jundah General Hospital, Ellicott Cancer Center, and the Jundah University Medical School are located in the medical center.

The Tauhon Medical Center offers a total of over 5,500 patient beds and receives an average of 1,700 patient visits each day. It employs 9,000 physicians, scientists, and researchers and approximately 45,000 additional staff. The center is also a hub for medical education, biomedical research, and biotechnology. Jundah University Medical School has 3,200 academic staff and 1,100 students, and JCC School of Pharmacy and School of Health Sciences have a combined total of 2,700 students. The Archer High School for Medical Professions is also located within the medical center.