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Ill (abbreviation for Interlanguage link) can link a foreign language page.


The template accepts two, three, or four parameters:

  1. (required) non-English language code, i.e. FR, BG, NO, NL, etc.
  2. (required) name of article in English OGF Wiki
  3. (optional) name of article in non-English OGF Wiki, if different from above
  4. (optional) text to display if the text given in the second parameter is not suitable


When article names would be the same in English and foreign language Wikipedia:

When article names are different in English and foreign language Wikipedia:

Once the English article is created, the other language link won't be shown:

Piped links

In some cases the English Wikipedia might use a piped link:

  • Example: [[Arno Schmidt (chef)|Arno Schmidt]]
  • Result: Arno Schmidt

The template can create the same link shown above by using a fourth parameter:

  • Usage: {{Ill|DE|Arno Schmidt (historian)|Arno Schmidt (Historiker)|Arno Schmidt}}
  • Result: Arno Schmidt (DE)