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Notes for editing

Each greater airport has a unique three alphabetic character World Association of Air Transport-Airport Code, comprised of letters from the city name or airport name.

This code and the coordinates of the airport are stored in this template to be used everywhere else. Please do not change any existing code without making sure that they are not used!

§ Important technical notes to users
Please add the position of a new airport to this template. Don't hesitate to ask for help -> Michael.


{{WAAT-airport coords | 3 character WAAT-airport-code}}


Example I

{{WAAT-airport coords | OAK }}


{{WAAT-airport coords | OAK | Oakhill State }}


Example II

| zoom = 13
| latitude = {{#titleparts:{{WAAT-airport coords|OAK}}|1|1}}
| longitude = {{#titleparts:{{WAAT-airport coords|OAK}}|2|2}} }}

OGFmapicon.png 37.7233 S, 161.1788 E

Example III

{{#titleparts:{{WAAT-airport coords|BAD}}|1|1}},{{#titleparts:{{WAAT-airport coords|BAD}}|2|2}}


Example IV

To circumvent problems of newbie-edits (using the template without adding appropriate coordinates) there is a solution:

| zoom = 13 
| latitude = {{#titleparts:{{WAAT-airport coords|XXXXXX181848946 }}|1|1}} 
| longitude = {{#titleparts:{{WAAT-airport coords|XXXXXX181848946 }}|2|2}}