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8, 29.148, 117.995
天合併 (Nihonish)
"灰の中から作成します。 (Hai no naka kara sakusei shimasu.)"
"Create from ashes"
and largest city
御日来 (Uniko)
Official languagesNihonish
 • National languagesNihonish, Ingerish
 • Total44309 km2
17180 sq mi
 • Estimate (2014)14,500,000
 • Census (2009)14,280,000
 • Density327.2/km2
844.0/sq mi
 • Total$854,000 million
 • Per capita$50,189
HDIIncrease 0.810
very high
Drives on theleft
Internet TLD.tg

Tengappei, (Nihonish 天合併) is a small country in east Uletha. It resides on the Axian Peninsular. It is bordering Hoppon to the west, Ataraxie to the north, Wiwaxia to the east and Asperic Ocean to the south. Its land area is 44309 sq km, and its population (2014 estimate) is 14,500,000.

Historically, the Tengappei economy was mostly focused on agriculture and the crafts. They were particularly famous for their musical instruments, such as the Tengappei Bowed Fiddel (曲がった文字列). However, after rapid industrialization during the 20th century, the economy focused much more on the communications and technology sectors.


The name of the country originates from the characters 'ten' (天), meaning 'heaven', and 'Gappei' (合併), meaning creator or merger.

Physical Geography

Tengappei mainly consists of a large flat, fertile area to the south and the ? mountain range in the north. Marking the western border with Hoppon, the dominating feature is Lake Uemura and the Shisou Delta (思想デルタ), upon which the old capital, Tenshisou (天思想), and the new city Kitamakawa(?) resides.

Administrative Geography

Tengappei is divided into ? states ().


Tengappei enjoys an average temperature of around 21C. Because of Tengappei's fairly low latitude, Tengappei has a relatively constant temperature, peaking at 33C in Summers and dipping to 11C in Winters.

The most common air current is from the southeast, bringing warm, humid air from the Antarephian Ocean, resulting in the South being far wetter than the north, due to the rain shield provided by the ? mountains.



See Government of Tengappei

The Tengappei government was first set up in time immemorial as a constitutional emperor-ship. The modern laws and constitutions the government follows is written out in the Emperor's Code of Vote, which covers the basic rights of people, the rights and freedoms of the government and election process of the government. This was amended after the Tengappei Genocide, in the Post Faith Law, which covers the role of the emperor and the government, restricts the freedoms of the government and details procedure to change the emperor. The current emperor is Emperor Unikorun XVII of Pegasu.

Political parties

Political spectrum
Diagram of 2016 constitution seats.
Party Political ideas 2016 MPS Notes
Socialists Economic Authoritarianism
Total Democracy
The Free Party Centrism
Social Progressivism
Reformists Liberalism
Economists Conservatism
Economic Liberalism
6 Previously known as the Conservatives and the Conservative Capitalists.
Communists Nationalism
Social Egalitarianism
Total Socialism
Justice Party Totalitarianism



Tengappei has a 12 year compulsory educational curriculum, as well as free university courses.


The modern economy of the city-state is focused primarily on the technology and communications sector.

Language and People


Since the Tengappei Genocide, Tengappei has maintained a very authoritarian stance on religion, banning all religious practice and education. In addition, the Tengappei education involves common ethic tests and evaluations. This policy has been mostly successful, as crime is far lower than average. However, higher suicide rates and a higher rate of extremism has also been exhibited.

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