The Alvedic Countries

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6, 54.763, 120.597
The Alvedic Countries
Map of the Alvedic countries (green) in Easter Uletha (grey)
CompositionFlag of Alved 3.png Älved
Flag of BoisUnis.png Boscunis
Flag of Brevinia.png Brevinia
Flag of Vyzesh.png Vyzh-Ulz

The Alvedic Countries are 4 countries in Eastern Uletha: Älved, the Vyzh-Ulz, Brevinia and Boscunis.

This page is for information concerning all countries at once, and the development on the map on that whole zone.

Ethnic and linguistic groups

These countries have 4 language families:

Alvedic Countries Conlangs.

- Uletarephian/Gaermanic : Alvedic language, with 3 separate dialects, Adventian, Gyarman, and Norrbundi, all of them spoken in Älved.

- Uletarephian/Techerian: Techerian language, with 4 separate dialects: Alvedic Techerian, and Rocadian spoken in Älved (known as Aliud in this language), Boscunian (Geddic) and High Romindian (Heidic) spoken in Boscunis.

- Yurelic: Brevinian language, spoken in Brevinia.

- Language isolate: Vyzdian language, spoken in the protectorate of Vyzh-Ulz.

The Luinese language from the Luin peninsula, related to Ispelian, is now extinct and the area is Alvedic now, but its former presence can still be seen in most placenames.


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