The Kingdom of Hamilton

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11, 48.8747, 130.7581
The Kingdom and Republic of Hamilton
The Flag of HamitonThe Majesty's Seal
FlagCoat of arms
"Grace's Resting Seat"
CapitalHamilton City
Largest citySwanland
Official languagesIngerish
Ethnic Groupsall
 • Mornach FamilyMr & Mrs Hamilton I
 • PresidentMildred Fisher
 • Chief AdministratorNick Teelsdon
 • Prime MinisterDominic Jefferson
LegislatureIslandic Parliarment
 • Upper houseGovernate
 • Lower houseSenate
CurrencyUnified Standard Dollar (USD)
Drives on theleft
Internet TLD.krh

The Kingdom of Hamilton or just Hamilton, is a growing micro-kingdom of islands in Eastern Uletha, that was formed by a '''band of Politicians''' (Jeremy Knowles, Canadian Jefferson, Jack Rouwse, Marting J. Scorecese IV, and Blake R. Hamilton) from the United Kingdoms of Jirki in December 24 1998. They felt dictated and decided to claim the land in the North of Mergany, the Islands of History, which was called earlier and changed to Hamilton, honoring the person who came up with the idea. It's capital and largest city is New Alexandia (which is being constructed by Theodor Zollmann, which is a private company hired by the band).

Hamilton's population is really diverse and has no native because: no one claimed the islands before or Mergany refused the islands' governance. The kingdom is gaining recognition and more companies are seeking to buy land from the political band to create more living spaces for thousands of tourists. The Kingdoms immigration policy hasn't been set yet so no actual border is set in Mergany.


In July 1998, the Band of Politicians protested on the Kingdom of Jirki's dictation. They were arrested in August but bailed out, and started a micro-nation. The micro-nation was started by BR Hamilton and lot's of protesters gained favor, by then they immigrated to Ingerland where they created a website and a funding project ( but future hamilton.ha).

They traveled around the globe and gained attention of billions, the site raised over USD 7 trillion and the people who registered as citizens were about 60 million mostly in the high class of money. Currently 4,000 are settled in as permanent and others are awaiting settlement. The budget was spent to start out the country from scratch and so the protests stopped in the year 2003.

Companies and private businesses were also attracted by the project, new business also opted to start and new settlements and continuing. The whole country's settlement project was estimated about USD 5 trillion whereby in 2003 at the closure of the funding project the total was USD 11 trillion. A tax system was also created to increase the budget funding which would later increase even more. Recent updates haven't been made but the country is now taking shape.


Politics was already planned out and the King was decided to be Hamilton's Son Gregory L. Hamilton and his family inheriting the throne. The first names of the family would be terminated and the names of the inheritor would be Hamilton I and later Mr & Mrs Hamilton II etc.

The government was created by Jeremy, whereby a Prime-Minister, Chief Administrator and President came to place. The kingdom was not republic and was known as part of Mergany until 2009 where Hamilton I declared Hamilton republic. Later on Hamilton would be recognised as a Mornachy/Governmental systemed country.

Administrative Divisions

The administration divisions of Hamilton where proposed to be the 5 islands but 4 due to the fifth not being a required size.


Hamilton is situated on the oceanic-mountains area of North Mergany and the corners of Otma and Arcantonie, with-holding 5 islands: West Island, New Alexandria, CAD and other two islands that aren't currently named, but are recognised within its borders. There was totally no land disputes with any other republic whatsoever, and neither do any republic have disputes with it.

Flora & Fauna

Hamilton is extremely grassy with almost all islands containing forests and grasslands, with trees like oak, pine, weeping willow, spruce, Merganian dart, Islandic palm tree, Hamiltonian plam tree and more yet to be discovered. There has not been any case of dwindling tree population and the government is already taking action to protect them. Cities are only being built on special areas and only apartments are taking over land value, so land can be reserved for the nature and wildlife.

There isn't that great number of fauna in Hamilton because no animal's history/ancestors discoverd the island, so north-cold wild life is beign brought to Hamilton to bring in tourism to the nation. Efforts of keeping them safe are already in plan, and the government is planning on 10 national parks by the year 2020.


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