Rugby Federation

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The Rugby Federation
Alternate Name(s):
Federation of national associations headquartered in the Lorredion
General Information
Year Founded 1962
President Pilor Gorre
Drapeaulorredion.png Lorredion

The Rugby Federation (RF) is the world governing body for the sport of rugby XV. Its headquarters are in Léridéin, Lorredion. The RF also organizes since 1979 the World Cup every four years.

List of members

founder countries

other countries

The Rugby XV World Ranking

The Rugby XV World Ranking is a ranking created by the Rugby Federation to allow a relative comparison between national rugby teams worldwide.

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Rank Nation Coeff.
1 Egani flag 2.png Egani 4.5
2 Drapeaulorredion.png Lorredion 4.0
3 Lost country.png Costa de Oro 3.5
4 Flag3.jpg Auleus 1.5
5 Lost country.png Balonis 1.0
6 Flsg.jpg Pretany .09
7 Latflag.png Latina .08

World Cup

Talk:Rugby XV World Cup

Year Host Champion Score Runner-up Semi-finalists Quarter-finalists
1979 Drapeaulorredion.png Lorredion
1983 TBD
1987 TBD
1991 TBD
1995 TBD
1999 TBD
2003 TBD
2007 TBD
2011 TBD
2015 TBD
2019 TBD