The Seven Doctrines

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For more context and info, see Sallan Madesta and Sallanism.

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The Seven Doctrines are the core beliefs of every Sallanist. They were first developed by Sallan Madesta in 1892.

The Seven Doctrines

  • The human nature is to be free, in expression, belief, and all other means.
  • The human soul is an equivalent of the human mind in value and versatility.
  • Should one attempt to contain the soul or its functions, the aggressor's soul shall be deemed impure and shattered.
  • One's community revolves around the welfare of each member's soul and mind.
  • Productivity, cohesiveness, and cooperation are affected negatively if the full extent of the power of the soul and mind is inhibited.
  • To kill a killer as punishment makes you no different from the killer; all criminal punishment must be as physically and psychologically pain-free as possible.
  • Freedom is best when used to benefit society.