The St Austell Telegraph

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The St Austell Telegraph
IndustryPrint media
Founded9 March 1859
FounderArthur Wesley
Headquarters50 Gibbons Street,
SavisoSt Austell,
Area servedVodeo
Key peopleDean Prahu (Editor)
BrandsThe St Austell Telegraph
The Sunday Telegraph
OwnerThe St Austell Telegraph Company
SloganAs it is

The St Austell Telegraph, commonly referred to simply as The Telegraph, is a Vodean daily broadsheet newspaper founded and continuously published in Saviso since 1859 by The St Austell Telegraph Company. The Telegraph primarily serves St Austell but is also available nationally, and has the largest circulation of any newspaper in Vodeo. The paper is published six days a week, with sister newspaper The Sunday Telegraph published on Sundays.

The Telegraph has long been recognised in the Vodean media industry one of the country's two newspapers of record, alongside The Gazette. It is one of the few major newspapers in Vodeo to not be politically aligned; however the paper does give editorial endorsements to either of the Federal or Liberal parties each election, with the paper's neutrality giving its endorsement extra importance and value in an election campaign.


The St Austell Telegraph was founded on 9 March 1859 by Arthur Wesley, a newspaper editor who had been forced from his role at The Savisan Advertiser, then St Austell's largest newspaper. The first issue sold for one penny (half the price of the 2d Advertiser), and was introduced on its front page as a fair and balanced counterpart to what Wesley believed was a partisan and dishonest Advertiser:

It is the solemn duty of "The St Austell Telegraph" to report, inform, and edify our readers in a fashion that shall favour no one person, organisation, company, etc.[1]

Saviso was already dominated by three other newspapers at the time - the Advertiser, The Charter, and The Saviso Star, all of whom were dismissive of the new Telegraph. Wanting to set his newspaper apart from the city's others, Wesley chose to print news on the front page alongside advertisements, rather than dedicate the front page solely to advertisements as was the style of the time. The approach was initially dismissed as a sales gimmick, however in time the paper grew in popularity by advertising its front page news under the slogan "You Will See It On The Telegraph First"; despite the Telegraph's success, however, it would not be until the mid- to late 1880s that the printing of front page news would be adopted by another major paper - Silverton's The Sun-Times was the first to do this in 1885. By 1900 nearly all of Vodeo's metropolitan papers featured front page news.


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