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Thrill Planet, or officially Betterview Pictures' Thrill Planet, is a very large theme/ amusement park located just north of Mathersburgh and Quentinsburgh in Freedemia. It is famous for it's beautiful landscaping and many awesome rides, such as the Turtle blast coaster, the Jetflighter inverted rollercoaster, the Thrillway 4 megacoaster (named after Unionway 4), the Ignition coaster, and the Road Trip gigacoaster. It is also home to the Thrill Ocean water park.



Betterview Pictures and WoolMedia

Thrill Planet is in a licensing agreement with Betterview Pictures, and after Betterview's recent merger, it also has rights to WoolMedia property as well. Because of this, many rides, attractions, park sections and more are based off of programming, shows, or movies by Betterview Pictures or WoolMedia.

Megamer Games

Thrill Planet also has a licensing agreement with Megamer Games, so many parts of the park are inspired by Megamer video game franchises like Snapster the Turtle and Legend of Karla.

Plega Blocks

Plega, the Freedemian company famous for their building blocks, has been a large part in making Thrill Planet possible. In fact, Thrill Planet is even home to an entire section called PlegaCity, where rides and attractions are all made of or inspired by Plega Blocks.

Sections of the Park

  • Thrill Corner- grand entrance to the park
  • Thrillway 4- themed after driving, road trips, etc.
  • Coaster Central- mainly roller coasters, with a few shops
  • Elmwood City- based off the kids show "Andrew"
  • Turtle Pond- a turtle themed area with games, arcades, roller coasters such as the Turtle blast coaster and the wooden Tortoise and the Hare racing coasters, and other rides
  • Thrill Ocean- water park
  • Escapades in Odyssey- based on the popular Freedemian radio show and television show of the same name
  • Intercontinental Corner- areas based on different nations and regions of the world
  • PlegaCity- an area where rides and attractions are all made of or inspired by Plega Blocks

Connection to Commuter Rail

Thrill Planet now has its own dedicated commuter rail stop.

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