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12, 28.3565, 118.9655
 • RegionCounty Pambdelurion
Location of Tilney in Wiwaxia
Location of Tilney in Wiwaxia
Ethnic Groups
Wiwaxians (95%), Other (5%)
NationalitiesWiwaxians (93%), Ataraxians (6%), Other (1%)
 • MayorSamra Ornish
 • Estimate (2014)1,123,990
 • Density4,480/km2

Tilney, spread out along the shores of Lake Pambdelurion in southwest Wiwaxia, is the country's third largest city, with a metro area of 1.12 million. Located in County Pambdelurion, Tilney is connected to the coastal city of Tilneyport via canal.

Tilney Metropolitan Area


The remnants of one of Wiwaxia's oldest settlements, c. 300, were uncovered during the construction of Tilney's ariport express train tunnel in the early 1980's. While little remains of the original Edicarian people, the strategic spot on Lake Pambdelurion was attractive for the first Ingerish Buccaneers, who built Castle Tilney and Tilney Keep overlooking the lake in the Old Town around 1550. The impressive ruins are a popular spot for tourists.

Points of Interest

Important institutions include St. Catherine's Hospital and the Tilney Natural History Museum.

Tilney Keep Ruins (etching c. 1772)


Samphire College is Tilney's premier institution of higher education, located on Samphire Square in the northeastern section of the city.


Tilney Field is home to Tilney CFC professional football club.


The Tilney Metropolitan Subway has four lines and 52 stations.

Tilney is served by the Loaves and Fishes Freeway W331. Great Tilney Train Station provides service to Tilneyport, Willmore and Fanshawe as well as to the town of Larraby, with connecting service north, east and west. Pambdelurion Airport is an international airport, with flights to all Wiwixia as well as cities in Uletha, Archanta and Tarephia.

Sibling Cities

Tilney is sibling city with Tilia, Egani, as per the guidelines of Sibling Cities of the World