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12, 27.9727, 118.5044
 • RegionCounty Pambdelurion
Location of Tilneyport in Wiwaxia
Location of Tilneyport in Wiwaxia
Ethnic Groups
Wiwaxians (95%), Other (5%)
NationalitiesWiwaxians (91%), Ataraxians (6%), Akinyakan (2%), Other (1%)
 • MayorUrsula Limberg
 • Estimate (2014)345,700
 • Density2,304/km2

Tilneyport is a city on the the coast in southwest Wiwaxia. Situated in Pambdelurion county, the population of the metropolitan area is 345,700.

Tilneyport Metropolitan Area


Initially established in 1742 by Catherine, Countess of Tilney to provide access to the sea for Tilney, the town of Tilneyport only truly started to grow once the Pambdelurion Canal was dug, in 1801. Today, it is one of the major ports for Wiwaxia.


Along with Pambdelurion Canal, which connects to Lake Pambdelurion and the city of Tilney, three canals were built in the city to provide Tilneyport merchants with access to the water. The Hiram Canal, the innermost canal, is home to a number of grand mansions, particularly the stretch between Lecker Street and St. Catherine's Road. Most of these houses have a grand entrance on the street with a separate large entrance directly onto the canal where goods could be loaded and unloaded. Juniper Canal Common is a beautiful park off of Juniper Canal. The outermost canal is Penstemon Canal.

Hiram Canal Houses, taken from Dagelanden Street toward the Central Canal, c. 1890.

Places of Interest

The oldest church in Tilneyport is St. Catherine's, which has given its name to the oldest neighborhood in the city, Old St. Catherine's. The Grand Spice Market on Cardamom Circus, by the Port Common, was built after Fanshawe’s much more famous Spice Market; and despite the name, it is considerably smaller than the one in Fanshawe, although it has much charm. Also on the Port Common is the Grand Hotel Tilneyport, famous for its afternoon tea. Other popular spots are Rabbit Run Park, between the ends of Juniper and Penstemon Canals; and the expensive shops along Thunder Circle, west of the Pambdelurion Canal.


The Grand Canal Opera at Cadenza Plaza, is known for its productions of modern operas, including the premieres of a number of works by Laurinda Nichol, one of the most prolific and critically acclaimed living composers. Tilneyport is also home to the James Gallery of Modern Art, one of Wiwaxia's most prestigious venues for modern art.


In the Penstemon neighbourhood is the Tilneyport Tennis Club, one of Wiwaxia's famous tennis clubs and home club to tennis star Amalia Garroway. Tilneyport is also home to the FC Piledrivers football club.


TIlneyport Harbor, just south of the city, is one of the busiest ports in Wiwaxia. The Grand Ferry Terminal is used strictly for passenger traffic to towns along the south coast of Wiwaxia, including Rollander Head in the west and Tavener, Moorhouse and in County Yorgia, Resterick. Tilneyport is also served by the Loaves and Fishes Freeway W331 as well as the Tilneyport Railway Station, with trains to and from Tilney and Fanshawe, with points in between and connections north and east.