Timeline of History of Castellan

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1000 BC

  • 1000 Mojacanian peoples: Doirans, Suebicians, Iskerans and Bandals. Eganians in modern Catania and Edetania.

900 BC

800 BC

700 BC

600 BC

500 BC

400 BC

300 BC

200 BC

100 BC


100 AD

200 AD

300 AD

400 AD

500 AD

  • 503 Kingdom of Casteran was conquered by largely Mazanic armies from North.
  • 518 The Auvernese king, Dagobert II, conquered Zagariza from Mazanic armies.
  • 520 Foundation of the Marca Condal integrated by Comtat de Catània and Condado de Garonia.

600 AD

700 AD

800 AD

900 AD

  • 934 The Conde Alfonso unifies Garonia and Catania, and founded the Crown of Garonia.

1000 AD

  • 1066 Battle of Aurique won by Don Euricus to the Mazanic armies.
  • 1071 Battle of Zagariza (Garonia), Mazanic armies were defeated by Garonese and Catanese forces.
  • 1074 Lión city was conquered by the astur king Gonzalo I.
  • 1087 The Kingdom of Galecia was founded.
  • 1093 The Astur king, Alonso I, moved the capital of the kingdom of Astura to Lión, thus founded the Kingdom of Lión.

1100 AD

  • 1112 The Garonese king, Jaime I, conquered Valenza and founded the Kingdom of Edetania integrated into the Crown of Garonia.
  • 1119 The Lionese king, Teodoro I, conquered Taredo.
  • 1122 The Garonese king, Enrique I, unite the Kingdom of Auvernia to the Crown of Garonia.
  • 1124 The Kingdom of Taredo is founded by Teodoro I (King of Legonia) and appoints his son, Fernando, as King of Taredo.
  • 1151 The Garonese king, Enrique I, unite the Kingdom of Guevarra to the Crown of Garonia.
  • 1179 The first modern parliamentary season in Uletha were hold in Legonia (Cortes of Legonia).
  • 1187 The Lionese king, Arturo I, conquered Maguériz city.

1200 AD

  • 1226 The Taredian king, Alfonso IV, conquered Cárduva.
  • 1232 The Taredian king, Alfonso IV, conquered Sérvila.
  • 1244 Garonia conquers Mariana from the Muslims at the Siege of Barzona.
  • 1246 Mazanic influence was reduced to the Emirate of Jariya.
  • 1287 First War between Kingdom of Taredo and Crown of Garonia.
  • 1291 Treaty of Taredo. End of the first war between Taredo and Garonia.

1300 AD

  • 1307 Second War between Kingdom of Taredo and Crown of Garonia.
  • 1310 Treaty of Zagariza. End of the second war between Castellan and Garonia.
  • 1374 The crowns of the Chistic kingdoms of Taredo and Garonia were united by the marriage of Maria I of Taredo and Fernando II of Garonia.
  • 1395 The combined forces of Taredo and Garonia captured the Emirate of Jariya, ending the last remnant of Mazanic rule in Castellan.

1400 AD

  • 140X First Castellanese colonists in Balam-Utz and Baldoria.
  • 140X Foundation of the first settlement in Puerto Moreno.
  • 1409 The king Fernando II of Castellán invaded the Kingdom of Iruñea.
  • 141X The Castellanese colonists landed in Cabo Bonito (Liberia).
  • 1420 Viscliths are expelled from Castellán for religious heresy.
  • 1425 Mariana begins a revolt against the Castellanese rule, the War of Independence.
  • 1427 Independence is delcared in Mariana.
  • 1430 The war ends but after Mariana still is fairly close to Castellán, especially in the 1500s.
  • 143X Castellán establish a colony in Notaines.
  • 145X Castellanese colonist landed in Pohenicia.
  • 1461–1467 Mauro–Castellanese War: The Castellanese secure the cities of Abula, Rhixedira, and Akraṭiena but fail to take Nikópoli after three sieges. The war mostly devolves into skirmishes and raids around the Uthyran Sea. Mauretia retakes Abula in 1466, and Akraṭiena and Rhixedira are returned in 1467. The peace treaty between the two countries, with revisions in the 1600s, holds to this day.
  • 1488 The Bergez Brothers (Emilio and Ewaldo) came and founded the colony of Latina.
  • 1491 Luis De Balboa discover the Isla Salvaje (modern Udenarrat) and Wenesin Islands.

1500 AD

  • 1501 Castellán establish a colony in Anauedo (Wenesin Islands)
  • 150X Castellanese boats crossed the Strait of Lyc and Sea of Thul, and landed in Narghana.
  • 1506 Castellanese colonists establish the first colony at mouth of Safrisco River in Paxtar.
  • 1508 Castellanese colonists establish a second colony at present day Sansimeon, Paxtar.
  • 1513 Castellanese colonists establish a third colony at present day Laengelem, Paxtar.
  • 1524 Castellanese colonists arrive in Eustatius Island, Saneusitania and establish a colony in the location of the actual Saneus, capital of the country.
  • 15XX Castellán establish the first colony in Ardisphere.
  • 1538 Castellán establish the colony of Castellanese Balonis.
  • 1539: Treaty of Seacombe divided Southern Gwynian Subcontinent between Castellán and Ingerland.
  • 1577 Tensions between the influx of Castellanese settlers and the Altazorian population reached a point of crisis, and the Altazorian chieftain, Quichago, based at Cualahualú, led a group of Altazorians in a raid on the Castellanese fort located near modern Lowe. His warriors successfully captured numerous guns and horses, which made possible a much more protracted rebellion during which both Santa María (modern Palmeras Grises, DS) and Santiago (modern Faro, DS) were looted and burned. Finally, the colonial governor Isidora Blandián appointed the unscrupulous Isaac Gutiérrez as commander of the Colonial Army. Gutiérrez initiated a scorched earth campaign against all the Altazorian communities south of the Sierra de los Cientoocho, finally compelling Quichago to surrender in 1581. This was the last significant resistance on the part of the Altazorians against colonization.
  • 1590's: Conflict in Black Bay (Bahía Negra, southern Ardisphere) between Ingerland and Castellán colonies.

1600 AD

  • 1619 Treaty of Santiago del Faro cedes Ingerish lands in southern Ardisphere to colony of Nuevo Castellán.
  • 1658 Revolt of Olnován, the Sunic were expelled.

1700 AD

  • 1790 Saneusitania declares its independence after the Saneusitanian Independence War is resolved by the Treaty of Vinalau in favour of Saneusitanian insurgents.

1800 AD

  • 1823 Former colony Balonis gains independence

1900 AD

  • 1941 Castellanese Civil War begin with the Military coup of Federico Corleón.
  • 1945 Ending of the Castellanese Civil War.
  • 1962 Castellan joined the Assembly of Nations.
  • 1973 May Revolution. The opposition political parties with the citizen platforms for freedom initiated a citizens' revolution to overthrow the dictatorial military regime established by Federico Corleón.
  • 1979 Castellan joined the Oceanic Treaty Organization (OTO).

2000 AD