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Area servedDunwic
Transit typeTramway
Number of lines10
Daily ridership161,000
Annual ridership58,390,000
HeadquartersTrambæn Hús, St Aethelwold Avenu, Dunwic
Began operation1889
Operator(s)Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic
CharacterAt-grade street running, some elevated and seperated.
Train length2-4 cars
Electrification600 V DC overhead
Network Map
Trambæn (Often known as T-bæn) is a network of tram services in Dunwic and Ceasternisc Bernica, Myrcia. It is operated by Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic.


Trambæn tracks are on a 1 metre gauge. They are built on a mixture of street and at-grade running meaning that in many areas trams share the road with cars and buses. Where lines have been built in recent decades (such as the extension to Vesternwic and the sections along the St Brannoc Weg), they have tended to utilise at-grade off-street running which enables trams to operate a service more akin to light rail networks.

Trams are powered by 600 V DC power delivered through overhead wires. They have their own traffic lights which are distinguished from regular lights by being white in colour. In many areas traffic lights give priority to trams and buses over private transportation.


Tram stops in Dunwic tend to be fairly simple affairs. There is always a raise platform with level access to the tram and street, this can either be in an island arrangement or either side of the tracks. There will be a map, shelter and benches, automated ticket machine and electronic display but often not much more. The major interchange stops are Dunwic Mid, Sæterhriht, St Anselm Plæc and Bernica Plæc.


Tram depots are located at Ródinbrig (56.32908 N, 19.19025 E) with stabling facilities at St Brannoc Mid (56.37424 N, 19.25301 E)



Although a number of extensions are currently proposed, only one is under construction. The Súdvest Lijn will run from Ródinbrig to Súdburn Parc. The line will be an extension of existing services which terminate at Ródinbrig Burh tram stop and will provide better public transport access to the large housing estate at Petersféld and the Dunwic Aquatic and Gymanstic Centres. Construction began in 2015 and the first trams are due to run on the line in early 2018.


The section of the tramway system beneath the Cynemil, from St Anselm Plæc tram stop in the north to Aldfriþ Plæc tram stop in the south, runs through the Burhtunel (City Tunnel). The tunnel was constructed in 1959 when the decision was made by Dunwic Burhcounsil to pedestrianise the Cynemil. It allows trams to run like rapid transit through the city centre rather than being caught up in the heavy pedestrian and cycle traffic above ground.

Rolling Stock

In total Trambæn owns around 140 trams with the majority being four-vehicle sets which have been replacing older two-vehicle sets since the early 2000s. The peak service utilises around 110 trams, ten are historical models which are used for tourist service on lines L1 and L2.

The state-owned Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic does not tender contracts for rolling stock but has a longstanding relationship with Philipsson for their construction and maintenance. There are four variations of tram in operation, the PHL-11 (built 2000-02), the PHL-14 (built 2005-06), the PHL-20 (built 2010-11) and the most modern PHL-25 (built 2016 onwards). The trams are all low-floor and all tram stops are wheelchair accessible with raised platforms and ramps.


Line Origin Terminus via
 T1  Burdwic Mid, Burdwic Strijp-E / Stadium Plæc, Súdenwold Forshæig Tunel, Mid Station, Sæterhriht, Ely Parc St
 T2  Burdwic Mid, Burdwic Dunwic Sciens Parc, St Botolph Súdmont, Sæterhriht, Ordshall Mid
 T3  Ródinbrig Mid, Rodingwold Dunwic Sciens Parc, St Botolph Welwya Brig, Mid Station, Sæterhriht, Ordshall Mid
 T4  Ródinbrig Mid, Rodingwold Stadium Plæc, Súdenwold Welwya Brig, Fenwic, Sæterhriht, Ely Parc St
 T5  Ródinbrig Mid, Rodingwold Washinburh Universitet, Washinburh Kirkcoleg Súd, Sæterhriht, Mid Station, Manórfeld
 T6  St Brannoc Mid, St Brannoc Strijp-E, Súdenwold Transporter Tunel, Fenwic, Sæterhriht, Ely Parc St
 T7  St Brannoc Mid, St Brannoc Árena Parcweg, St Asaph Transporter Tunel, Mid Station, Sæterhriht, Lárnstów
 T8  Washinburh Universitet, Washinburh Árena Parcweg, St Asaph Lárnstów, Ordshall Mid, Áfonforþ Mid, Manórfeld
 T9  Leeshór, St Brannoc Kirkcoleg Cameracórt, Dunwic Bernica Avenu, Súdmont
 T11  Clockwise central loop Forshæig Tunel, Mid Station, Sæterhriht, Súdmont
 T12  Anti-clockwise central loop Súdmont, Sæterhriht, Mid Station, Forshæig Tunel