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Saviso tramway network
File:Savisan Tramways Logo.png
OwnerGovernment of St Austell
Transit typeTram
Number of lines28
Number of stationsTBD
Began operation17 August 1858 (horsecars)
20 March 1884 (steam)
2 December 1889 (electric)
5 July 1895 (cable)
Ended operation3 April 1898 (horsecars)
14 December 1915 (steam)
28 November 1916 (cable)
Operator(s)Various (1858-1895)
 Saviso Electric Tramways Corporation (1889-1923)
 Saviso Electric Tramways Authority (1923-1974)
 Metropolitan Tramways Authority (1974-1998)
 Savisan Tramways (1998-present)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) standard gauge
Electrification600 V (DC) overhead line

The Savisan tramway network is a major form of public transport in Saviso, the capital city of Vodeo. The network is part of the Teal ticketing system.

Trams have operated continuously in Saviso in various forms since 1858, making the Savisan tramway network one of the oldest in the world. The network originally opened with a horse tram line between Asquith Bay and Saviso, with steam trams arriving in 1884, electric trams in 1889, and cable trams in 1895. As the network grew the electric trams gradually replaced the other systems, with the last cable tram operating on 28 November 1916; electric trams have since had the sole operation on Saviso's tracks. Today, trams form a large part of Saviso's identity and feature in tourism and travel advertising.


Saviso's tram routes were initially numbered in the order in which they were opened, which resulted in a confusing route scheme (for example, trams to Meredith could be either routes 9, 22, or 27 - these are now 5, 50, and 16, respectively). The route scheme was overhauled in 1982, when the tramway network was renumbered to group tram lines together based on their destination:

  • 1 to the Enfield Peninsula.
  • 2 in the city centre and to southern shore suburbs between Signal Bay and Cranks Bay.
  • 3 to the Eastern Suburbs, including Pontefract and Sthilldina.
  • 4 to Port Saviso, Rosetta, Kendalltown, and Rhodestown.
  • 5 to the area between Fearon, Meredith, and Saviso Bradford Airport.
  • 6 to Airdrie and southeastern suburbs.
  • 7 to Silverwater and southern suburbs.
  • 8 to Cowes and western suburbs.
  • 9 in North Harbour suburbs.

Night trams were introduced in 2007 as a twelve-month trial, and were put into full operation in 2008. As of March 2017 twelve routes run all-night services on weekends: 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 20, 25, 50, 55, 64, and 70; these are differentiated from normal services by an "N" suffix.

Route Destinations Notes
1 Cockleford - Kilden via Strahan, Enfield, Havana Bay, Adelaide Gardens, University, and Wellesley Street
Also operates as 1N night service at weekends.
2 Asquith Bay - Pontefract via University, Wellesley Street, and Elizabeth Street
Also operates as 2N night service at weekends.
3 Pontefract - Port Saviso via Kendalltown and St Austell Avenue
Also operates as 3N night service at weekends.
4 Port Saviso - Stock Square via Rhodestown, Limes, St Austell Avenue, and Ventnor Street
5 Stock Square - Meredith via Wellesley Street, Fearon, and Sthilldina
6 Brigham - Airdrie via University, Wellesley Street, Medbury, and Wayford
Also operates as 6N night service at weekends.
7 University - Silverwater via Wellesley Street and Silverwater Road
8 Cowes - Stock Square via Cadness, Cunard Bay, Lansdowne, Kendalltown, Aslington, Harborough, and Hepburn Street
Also operates as 8N night service at weekends.
9 Arundel - Tobermory via Green Hill, Kadetoo, Astley Beach, Sroe, and Coralsea
Also operates as 9N night service at weekends.
10 Enfield - Aslington via Camarama, Cranks Bay, Carrington, Tweed, and Elizabeth Street
12 Stock Square - Sussex Cliffs via University, Wellsford, Cranks Bay, Zynfic, Enfield, Century Hills, Wingate Head, and Gonn Bay
15 Domain - Jacksons Bay via Tweed, Carrington, Harcourt Bay, and Javins Flat
16 Enfield - Airdrie via Favona, Meredith, Sthilldina, Pontefract, Harcourt Bay, Eastlea, and Anchorage
20 City Circle Free tourist tram encircling the CBD, operates in both directions via Adelaide Quay, Southbank Avenue, Ventnor Street, and St Austell Avenue
Also operates as 20N night service at weekends.
23 Aldina Bay - Brigham via Ross Bay, Durey, and Spencer Street
25 Kendalltown - Havana Bay via Port Saviso Road, St Austell Avenue, Brigham Road, Ontario Road, and Connaught Road
Also operates as 25N night service at weekends.
29 Signal Bay - Stock Square via Kensington, Kendalltown, Sudbury, Durey, and Harborough
34 Harborough - Sthilldina via Fearon and Sthilldina Roads to Twentieth Avenue
35 Limes - Cotherdyne via St Austell, Pound Road, and Stearns Avenue
47 Port Saviso - Silverwater via Rosetta Road. Designated route 47 as it runs between the hubs of areas 4 (Port Saviso) and 7 (Silverwater).
50 Hospital - Meredith via Harborough, Hepburn Street, Pontefract, and Beckinsale
Also operates as 50N night service at weekends.
55 Southbank - Airport via Limes and Silverwater Road
Also operates as 55N night service at weekends.
64 Southbank - Point Eceinin via Tweed, Saviso Domain (Saviso Cricket Ground), Auchi, Favona, and Wayford
Also operates as 64N night service at weekends.
70 Marlborough Street - Silverwater via Marlborough Street, Medbury, Rhodestown, Honeycutt, Saviso Bradford Airport, and Fyanstown
Also operates as 70N night service at weekends; night services terminate at Silverwater.
77 Southbank - Bannarine Hills via Rochester Street, Port Saviso Road, Dorset Road, Silverwater Road, and Bannarine Road
82 Kings Bay - Stock Square via Cadness, Waverley, Ledesma, Airport, Silverwater Road, Limes, and Rochester Street
86 University - Cowes via Ledesma, Rosetta Road, Port Saviso Road, St Austell Avenue, and Wellesley Street
95 TBC - Stafford Point via Levene and Tahoce Roads