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16, -67.6815, 15.1707
Settlement/research base
Tranquility welcome sign
"Gateway to the Southern Islands"
CountryFederal States
 • Estimate (2020)47 (about 100 in summer)

Tranquility is a Federal States settlement and research station in the Southern Islands. Tranquility is permanent and inhabited year-round, with about 50 inhabitants through the winter, and often up to 110 in the summer months. Tranquility was founded in 1969 as a military station, but became a civilian settlement and base in the 1990s.


Tranquility was founded in 1969 as Tranquility Station, an Air Force managed facility aimed at studying the climate and geography and performing long-term research in the Southern Islands. By the 1990s civilian research had become the main focus and military operations began to be reduced as a transfer to civilian use was being done. In order to study the effects of longer-term living on the Southern Islands, scientists, researchers, air force personnel and other auxiliary personnel began to be allowed to bring their families.


Tranquility seen from the water

Tranquility is located on a large peninsula, northernmost in its island. It is the third most northerly base/station in the Southern Islands. The settlement is located along the Bay of Tranquility, on a rocky and ice-free area. The area is largely flat with rolling hill, rising to a 95m peak. Beyond the settlement there are higher hills, with the highest in the area reaching 605m (about 1980 ft). The nearest station is the Altheimer station of Mergany, about 30km away.

There are a few penguins in the area, there is a rookery behind some of the storage buildings and near cliff.



Tranquility has a small and decently-equipped hospital, including x-ray machine, basic surgery/laboratory equipment and hospital beds. X-rays and diagnostics can be sent via computer to hospitals in the FSA for further analysis. Serious medical cases requiring more complex surgery or operations can be flown by the local air force pilots to the larger Assembly of Nations Base medical center, or to the Federal States if needed.

A small dental clinic is also operated, with a dentist running it.


Tranquility Public School is the school in the settlement. Two teachers staff the school and provide education, mainly focused on children up to 8th grade. Secondary-age students can make use of the computers to remotely study advanced subjects. The school also has an annex for the public library, where people in Tranquility can borrow books, as well as some videos/films and music albums.

Recreation and services

One of the hubs for activity in Tranquility is the sports centre. It contains facilities for indoor football, basketball, exercise equipment and changing rooms. The main area can also be used for larger community events and gatherings.

The Civil Registrar office serves as the FS government office in Tranquility. Can register birth/marriage/deaths there, and liaises with FS government departments and organisations in Huntington.

Other facilities in Tranquility include:

  • Southern Islands Museum, focused on FS exploration but with informations on AN and other nations as well.
  • The Chapel, a nondenominational chapel built in 1970 and one of the oldest buildings
  • Eatery: Eatery meant for tourists, has largest kitchen in Tranquility
  • Supermarket: a small supermarket mainly carrying packaged foods and products. Building is shared with souvenir shop, which sells items like T-shirts, postcards, handmade magnets and signs.
  • Post Office: southernmost Federal States post office, popular with tourists to send out Tranquility, Southern Islands postmarked mail. Building shared with Western Bank, operated by a single cashier and has a new ATM.


Tranquility has a radio station, FM Tranquility, which is popularly listened to by the community. Television exists as well, with the signal from geosynchronous satellite received by a 2.2m dish on the island, allowing for a few channels from the FSA. Limited internet is present on Tranquility since 2006, accessed from computers at the school, the government office, and at the hospital. Satellite telephones are found at various locations and can be used to communicate with the exterior.

Life in Tranquility

The people inhabiting tranquility include both permanent and temporary personnal and some families. In 2020, there are 47 inhabitants permanently living through the winter, including four couples and five families with seven children. Long term postings for researchers, scientist, military personnel and other service staff can range from one to four years normally, with most spending around three years. Over 100 people can often live in Tranquility during the summer months, and it is believed that over 10 or 12 children may live there in summer. Personnel and families coming in the summer stay from October to April. Families first came to Tranquility in 1995; the first marriage conducted in Tranquility took place in 1998, and the first birth in 2001.


Flights to Tranquility

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Tranquility Airfield is the principal access point in and out of the settlement. Most supplies, provisions and personnel coming to Tranquility are brought in to the airfield. Most scheduled flights are operated by the air force to bring in supplies; owing to the weather and snow delays are frequent. In the summer there are several seasonal flights to Tranquility. These employ smaller aircraft with few passengers due to the cost of travel, and thus require two refueling stops before the destination. Tranquility Airfield is often used as a layover to other bases as one of the more northerly airfields with year-round support. Several off-road vehicles are operated in Tranquility, mainly for longer expeditions. An antique one is on display near the museum.

There is a dock where icebreakers and cargo ships periodically come to resupply Tranquility, and in the past have brought in larger equipment like vehicles, generators, sea containers, and often take tourists.


Southern Islands tourism advert.png

In the summer months, there is some limited tourism to Tranquility, which generally sells out despite the high cost of travel. Tourists often stop at Tranquility as part of Southern Islands cruises from destinations in the eastern Federal States, to visit the settlement and undertake trips in the peninsula before heading on in the Southern Islands. Other trips involve charter flights to and out of Tranquility, with a cruise portion for travel around the islands. Tourists tend to spend one or two nights at the hotel.


Tranquility has a marine polar climate, which gives it a fairly moderate temperature that is rarely exceptionally cold, having an annual mean of -3.7°C (25°F) and winters reaching as cold as -16 or-17°C (about 2°F). Summers are considered mild, but brief, and the winter is long and can experience seven months where temperatures do not break the freezing point.

Climate data for Tranquility (24m elevation, 67.7°S 15.2°E)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 14.1
Average high °C (°F) 4.2
Daily mean °C (°F) 2.0
Average low °C (°F) −0.2
Record low °C (°F) −9.8
Average precipitation mm (inches) 38 39 42 40 33 29 30 32 36 35 36 39 429
Average snowy days 8 10 11 13 13 15 14 15 13 12 9 8 141
Mean monthly sunshine hours 100.2 93.1 81.9 44.8 24.3 9.3 23.9 38.7 52.6 78.5 108.3 127.8 783.4
Mean daily sunshine hours 3.2 3.3 2.6 1.5 0.8 0.3 0.8 1.2 1.8 2.5 3.6 4.2 2.2
Source: Tranquility Meteorological Station, 1970-present (Sunshine data, 1986-present)

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