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The TransContinetalPowerNetwork AG is a high voltage Network-Grid-Coordinator in Tarephia, owned partially by all participating states.

Power Network Parameters

To participate in the Network ones power company must adhere to the following specifications for the HV-Network:

  • 500000 Volt (500kV) against ground
  • 60 Hertz
  • 3 Phases
  • Power network should connect to at least two different countrys
  • Power network should be connected to another country participating in the grid

Power converters are allowed, so if your country uses different standards you may build converting substations to connect your country to the grid, but if your networks voltage is lower maybe it would be a good idea to switch to the TCPN-Voltage due to less loss on the lines.


Each contributing Network-Operator assigns a Reference-Number (ref:TCPN=*) in the format <Country-Shortcode>-<State><Powerline-Reference-Number> to lines, substations and control centers that are connected to the grid.

Participating Network-Operators


Overpass-Query for ref:TCPN