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Reason: referencing a lost country
Typepublic, state-owned
IndustryPublic transport
FoundedElenburg, 1982
Web Sitetransdurie.du

TransDurië is a state-owned company in Durië that serves all public transport in Durië. Besides the railway line to Kasse, the capital of Luiveland and all cargo rail transport in Durië are served by TransDurië.


In the 1970s it became clear that the increase road traffic would be exponential in the next decades. Therefore the revolutionary Durië Transport Plan was made in 1975. This lead to the construction of many motorways, but besides public transport had to become much more popular. At that time the transport companies were mostly privately owned and they did not coorperate with each other. In 1975 the following transport companies existed:

  • Durische Spoorwegmaatschappij (DSM): the national railway company with a focus on cargo transport. Shares were owned by companies (55%), individuals (26%) and some cities (19%).
  • Elenburgse Metro: metro company of Elenburg, owned by the city of Elenburg.
  • Several local bus and tramway companies, privately owned and competing with each other.
  • Several intercity bus companies, privately owned and competing with trains.

Due to the Durië Transport Plan all those companies where nationalised. After that major improvements were made in the public transport network.


TransDurië offers the following services:

Work in progress This list is incomplete. It will be expanded in the future.