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TransTroie is the public agency in charge of public transportation in Troie. Full name is "Régie des Transports de Troie".

It operates many bus lines and a funicular in Troie and in some municipalities of its agglometration : Beaulieu, Paray and La-Croix-Valmer.


TransTroie is under the authority of the TCS Metropolis assembly.


TransTroie was created in 1949 in remplacement of 7 private bus and tram companies. The last tramways were dismanteled in 1954.

TransTroie today

A dense bus network

Transtroie operates a dense bus network in Troie, Beaulieu, La Croix-Valmer and Paray.

In january 2017, 5 express lines, 31 regular lines and 7 local services were in service.

Express lines

The 5 express lines are the squeleton of the bus network

Name Color Terminus 1 Terminus 2 Number of courses per hour per direction Route -> Route <-
A Red Gare de Paray Place du Ruhl 15 [1] [2]
B Green Gare de la Ville-Marie Gare du Ruhl 15 [3] [4]
C Blue Zavantem Gare du Verduron 12 [5]
D Orange Gare de la Ville-Marie Gare de La Croix-Valmer Corniche 12 [6]
E Purple Gare d'Arenc Gare du Ruhl 10 [7] [8]

Regular lines

Name Color Terminus 1 Terminus 2 Number of courses per hour per direction (peak) Route -> Route <-
10 Yellow Hauts de Magnan Zavantem 10 [9] [10]
11 Brown Place Magnanville Miramar 6 [11] [12]
20 blue Miramar Mairie de Beaulieu 15 [13] [14]

Airport and port services

TransTroie operates a direct airport bus service from Ville-Marie Train station to the TCS International airport (no intermediary stops). There are 3 departures per hour.

It also operates 2 bus lines from the passenger ferry terminal : F1 : to TCS Airport and F2 to Le Ruhl Train station (no intermediary stops)

The Dromel funicular

The Dromel funicular opened in 1897 to link the new Dromel Developments with Carpiane. It closed in 1978 but re-opend after being completely renewed in 1989.

It is open from 5:30am to 11:30pm. In 2014 it had an average frequentation of 6500 people per week day ans 3500 on saturdays and sundays.


Single ticket is E1.4

TransCarte (E84,9 per mounth) allows passengers to use any TransTroie operated buses and the Dromel funicular as many time as they need.


Transtroie has an historical project of construction of 2 metro lines. It has been unofficially abandonned in 2011 as it doesn't appear in the strategical development plan of Troie (Troie 2030).

TransTroie has initiated a huge plan to buy electric buses in remplacement of the existing stock. It should be completed by 2020.