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Valoris is the centre of a national complex transportation system. For Broceliande, It is the centre of a 'star' of road and railway, and at a more local level, it is covered with a dense mesh of bus, tram and metro and train service networks.

Streets and thoroughfares

Public transportation

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TPV logo
Valoris Main transport lines identification
Transports pour Valoris' (TPV) is the local government organisation responsible for most aspects of Valoris transport system. TPV is a statutory body created by the State of Broceliande in 1961. This Act gives to the Valoris-Capitale Province a general duty to develop and apply policies to promote and encourage safe, integrated, efficient and economic transport facilities and services to, from and within Valoris. The services operated by TPV include Valrail, Valoris Métro, Buses, Trams, Taxis, cycling services, Midi Coach Station, and Maillot international aiport.

TPV provide ways to pay through contactless payment cards and provide information in different formats to help people move around Valoris. Live travel information is provided directly by TPV and through third party organisations which use the data made available to power apps and other services.

TPV's income and funding comes from a variety of sources, including fares (~40%), taxes, government grant and borrowing, other sources including advertising income, property rental...

TPV invests billions to improve the Capital's transport network. Proposals include improving suburban railways, the métro and bus metworks and the cycling infrastructure and tackling vehicle emissions. The last Transport Strategy was published by the Province board on 1 september 2016.

TPV works on a range of local transport initiatives, including walking and cycling projects.

Services are provided by a mixture of wholly owned subsidiary companies (principally Métro de Valoris et Aéroport Maillot), by private sector franchisees (trams, most buses) and by licensees (some buses, taxis). Suburban trains are operated by the CFP under the control of TPV.

TPV has its head office on Chaussée de Buirette in the 14th canton of Valoris.


Métro de Valoris Logo

The Métro de Valoris is a public transit system serving the city of Valoris and several other municipalities of the province. It currently consists of 11 lines, serving XX stations, and comprising XX kilometres of route. It is known for its density within the inner city limits. It opened in 1912. Each line is identified on maps by different colours:

Ligne Termini Length Stations Opened Last extension Depot on the map
Bacquenois ?
Gare du Nord
1912 [1]
Saint-Josselin ?
Gare d'Autant
1912 [2]
3 Pont de Vaulx
Gare de l'Est
14,5 Km 25 1920 1942 [3]
4 Les Bergers
Lambermont - Carrefour du Prince
Lambermont [4]
5 Constitution
Route de Villerville
6 Saint-Jean
Motreux [6]
7 Midi
Miossens centre
8 La Bretèche
La Caravelle
9 Occident
Route de Braye
Occident [9]
Mairie de Rohan
Route de Beaumontan
1990 2014 [10]
Col de Loup
Village d'Autant


Valrail Logo
The Valrail is a suburban commuter/rapid transit system serving Valoris and its suburbs (Valoris-Capitale, Arvergne and Normanie provinces). The Valrail combines the operations and roles of a local city-centre rail system and suburbs-to-city-center commuter rail. The network consists of XXX lines. The network has XX stations and has several connections with the Valoris Métro. The lines are identified by letters to avoid confusion with the Métro lines, which are identified by numbers.

Valrail is operated by the Chemins de Fer du Prince, the state-owned rail company.

Ligne Termini Length Stations Opened Last extension Depot on the map
A Valoris Midi
B Valoris Occident
C Valoris Saint-Jean
D Valoris Lumière
Eusache / XX
E Valoris Boulainvilliers
H Valoris Nord
K Valoris Nord
J Valoris Castine
Rochetaillée / XXX
L Valoris Midi
P Valoris Est
Mottaret / Couffin
Ligne de Ceinture (ring)


From 1852 to the 1950ies, Valoris was served by an extensive tramway network. Most of Valoris' tramways had stopped running between 1935 and 1955. Only three lines have still operated serving the municipalities of Valoris and Plainerouge.

Ligne Termini Length Stations Opened Last extension on the map
Les Bergers
Basilique Nationale
22 [13]


Tickets anf Fares

PASS ticket design (since 2014)
PASS rail ticket design (since 2014)
NAVinVAL pass design (since 2014)
The standard ticket is called "PASS". It is valid for a multi-transfer journey within one hour from the first validation. It can be used on all the TPV transport means (Valrail (price per kilometer), métro, buses and tram).

Other fares use the NavinVal pass, an RFID-based contactless smart card. Fares include daily, weekly, monthly or yearly passes.

Fares are sold at kiosks and at automated machines in the station foyer. Entrance to platforms is by automated gate, opened by smart cards and simple PASS.

Accidents and incidents

National and International rail connections

Air connections