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This article is currently under construction and is very much still a stub.

Trent Aerospace is a small- and medium-haul commuter aircraft manufacturer based in Aspera, Kanitario, Federal States. The manufacturer is primarily known for producing the T100-T400 turboprop commuter aircraft and, more recently, the KC100 short-range jet. The company is based at Aspera - Borden International Airport in Kanitario, with plans to move to a new facility at the now-abandoned Talon Airbase in the near future to make room for expansion at YAZ.


Founded as an automobile manufacturer in 1927, Trenton River Automotive was based in Frontenac. In 1976, they acquired a small aircraft manufacturer, Bellefonte Aviation, based in Aspera. They were best known for the BAK-100 turboprop, a four-engine STOL commuter plane popular in both remote areas and the country's densest regions.

Following acquisition, the BAK-100 became the T10. Work immediately commenced on the T100, a modernized version of it.



Four-prop commuter aircraft manufactured until 1995. Most have retired, but remote mountainous regions still favour the aircraft's incredibly short runway capabilities without sacrificing capacity. Seats 40.


Production of the T-Series began in 1991. Twin-engine turboprops available in four sizes, for all domestic and regional needs. Adaptations have also been produced for military needs.

T100 - 37-42 passengers T200 - Same body as T100 however seating 31, sacrificing seating capacity for extra fuel tanks for an extended range. T300 - 53-57 passengers T400 - 69-93 passengers

The T400 is one of the world's most popular turboprops, with nearly 600 produced.

TT-155 Firefly

The Firefly is the world's leading aerial tanker. First being introduced in 1998, the TT-155 has found wide use around the world in aerial firefighting operations.


The KC100, leading the "KSeries" program of short-range jets, has found much hype in the aviation world. The aircraft fills a market ignored by manufacturers like MacDougall Graham in terms of the combination of long range and 100-seater capacity. The jet first flew in 2016, and has sinced amassed 200 orders from around the world. This has accelerated the company's move to their own field at long-neglected Talon Point airfield.