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OGFmapicon.png 49.322 N, 53.591 E
Official Name:
Shire of Trinity

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Royal Subject in the Flag of the Kingdom of Pretany Kingdom of Pretany
Status Royal Subject
Capital Trinity
Largest City Trinity
Area 276662 km2
Demonym Trinitian
Languages Ingerish/Pretanic
Population 9800000 (2015)
Density 35/km2

The Shire of Trinity is a shire in southern Pretany. The capital of the state is the city of Trinity. Trinity is the largest shire in Pretany formed from a previous Inaran state in the early 14th century.


The origin of Trinity, formed in 1374, comes from the large Inaran state of Shion on ancient Antigoan territory. The state is the largest in Pretany with a geography of sweeping savannas patched with small forests and barren rocky highlands. The Barsas River winds through the shire after leaving the border with Mazan.

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