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1900 poster for the touristic promotion of the Troyan Riviera

The Troyan Riviera (Riviera Troyenne) is the name given to the coast between the Miramar cape in Troie and the international border in Rochebrune. It is one of the main touristical destination worldwide. It is located in the Illion province in south Broceliande.

As a tourist centre it benefits from 300 days of sunshine per year, 15 main beaches, 3 golf courses, luxury resorts, 10 convention centres and an hippodrome.

The A9 autoroute runs through the region, as does the old main road known as the Route nationale 9. Trains serve the coastal region from The Ruhl Train station. National services reach Polignac from Valoris-Midi in 1h15.

The Troyan Riviera is a major yachting and cruising area with several marinas along its coast.

Since the 1930ies, the Troyan Riviera has experienced an intense urbanization process linked with the growth of Troie. Particularily, the once famous orchards have almost entirely dispareared and the Illion Forest lost 25% of its surface.

Today, the Troyan Riviera has a total population of over half a million (without Troie). It is a wealthy area, known for its good schools, its expensive estate and its high standards of quality of life. The most populated municipalities are Beaulieu and Polignac. It is also home to a high-tech/science park or technopole at Cornavin and a research and technology center of the University of Troie located in La Croix-Valmer.

The Riviera cooporeration group (created in 1961) is now fully integrated in the TCS Metropolis (20% of the metropolitan assembly seats)

Municipalities on the sea


La Croix-Valmer


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In land municipalities

La Turville








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