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TruckCo is a brand of truck and traveler convenience centers that provide fuel for both passenger vehicles and trucks but also provide a series of amenities and products that cater to truckers and travelers alike. Most all TruckCo travel centers have at least one restaurant and some even have food courts with popular fast food brands located within. TruckCo's motto and advertising slogan is "TruckCo - Where the Trucks Go". Truck Co is owned and operated by TruckCo Truck Centers LPC which also owns and operates its own restaurant which operates Iron Stomach Road Eats which is located within the truck stops and serves the typical truck stop type food popular with travelers and truckers. Iron Stomach Road Eats is excluive to the TruckCo brand. All TruckCo travel centers carry truck and audo deisel as well as gacoline in several octane ratings, and many also carry Biodiesel, Premium grade Diesel, E-85, Liquified Propane, and Kerosene. Some even carry Hydrogen and Compressed Natural Gas for vehicles as well.