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Tungumal is a quasi-isolated language group, comprised of several increasingly homogenous dialects of the language by the same name. It is the native language of Duncanheim, spoken by about 3.5 million people worldwide, mostly within Duncanheim, although emigrants from Duncanheim often retain their native tongue abroad.


Tungumal dialects have been spoken in Duncanheim since before the existence of the nation. A writing system, usually referred to in Ingerish as "Tungumal Runes" came into existence some time in the early 10th century CE, however, it has been almost entirely supplanted in modern usage with Ingerish characters and phonemes.

Ingerish, the second official language of Duncanheim, is used equally as often as Tungumal in common modern usage, and on virtually all official documents, due to the language policies of King Wolfrik I in the early 19th century. Tungumal has achieved, in speech and in official documents, nearly the status of a secret code blatantly used by the entire population of Duncanheim and known by virtually no one else, although it is not hidden, so much as it is unnecessary for anyone who was not raised in Duncanheim to speak.


Please note that all pronunciations are shown in the Phonetic Alphabet.

Letter Pronunciation Notes
A a or ɐ
B b or β
C k or s
CH ç
D ɖ
DH between d and ð
E ɛ or i
F ɸ
G ɠ
J ʝ "Y" is used for this sound in almost all cases
K k
ᚼ (or KH) χ
L ɭ
M ɱ
N n
O a or ɒ or o
P p'
Q not used
R ʁ or :
S s or z
SH ʃ
T t'
TH ð or θ or a sound between the two
U u or ʊ or ʉ
V v
W ʋ
X not used
Y ʝ or ɟ or i
Z z
- Used to indicate a glottal stop

Translations useful while looking at the map

Please keep in mind that most referential portions of names, such as "street" in the name "Ketsel Street" are displayed on the map in Ingerish, as Ingerish is the second official language of Duncanheim and is used equally as often as Tungumal in current usage, with official usage often preferring Ingerish for things that are likely to be exported. An official document entirely written in Tungumal is likely not meant for anyone outside of Duncanheim to read.

Maps of Duncanheim are not secret, and therefore use Ingerish wherever possible.

Tungumal Ingerish
Berinn or Hayorila City / Town
Bero or Taba Village / Hamlet
Des River
Drykk Fresh Water (usually a stream)
Eyune Ghost/Spirit
Haed or Sheth Mountain / Hill
Hayorila or Berinn City / Town
Hulka Valley
Hulᚼa Canyon / Gorge
Hus Temple
ᚼetthize East
Nanike General Store
Nas West
Sayeze South
Sheth or Haed Mountain / Hill
Taba or Bero Village / Hamlet
Yudazi North