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6, 50.135, 115.093
Map of Tuyaria in Easter Uletha (grey) presenting the different definitions of the region:
– Tuyarian Peninsula (dark green)
– Tuyaria Proper (dark green & green)
– Areas which are sometimes considered to be Tuyarian (pale green)
DemonymTuyarian, Tuyaric
CompositionDarcodia Flag.png Darcodia
IgriaFlag v1.png Igria
Ispelia flag.png Ispelia
KeiraFlag v4.1.png Keira
MerhaliaFlag.png Merhalia
Vartasimalia flag.png Vartasimalia

Sometimes also:

Flag of Alved 3.png Älved
Flag of Brevinia.png Brevinia
Karolia flag.png Karolia
Flag of Vyzesh.png Vyzh-Ulz

Tuyaria (/ˌtjˈjɑriə/ TCHOO-YAH-rih-yuh) is a subregion of Eastern Uletha with strong historical ties.

Tuyaria usually refers to Darcodia, Igria, Ispelia, Keira, Merhalia, and Vartasimalia. Sometimes it more narrowly refers to Tuyarian Peninsula, or more broadly to include Karolia and parts of Alvedic Countries.

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