Typhoon Anaede (2015 Belphenian tropical cyclone)

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Typhoon Anaede

Typhoon Anaede was a typhoon that went through between Catherina and Shadowsnow City. Anaede was formed as a tropical storm 420 miles off the coast of northern Commonia over the Belphenian Sea.

News update

CATHERINA - Two days after mandatory evacuations went into effect for Shadowsnow and New Eriwynne prefectures, Typhoon Anaede has made its first landfall north of Strauss, Maressa Prefecture, and made its second and final landfall in western Lansing Prefecture as a category 2 cyclone on May 26, 2015. The tropical cyclone is expected to become a tropical storm, followed by a tropical depression over Tolkas County in Orinoco.

Typhoon Anaede's wind gusts left behind a sandy mess along the entire Shadowsnow section of Interstate 97 between Catherina and McGarden. The interstate is closed in both directions at this time.

NEADIA - On May 28, 2015, Typhoon Anaede became a tropical depression over Tolka County, Orinoco and is expected to dissipate over at Valgary County.