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Midistland is a territory in central Uletha. Many different nationalities and languages are in it.

6, 35.818, 101.338
National flag
and largest city
Official languagesCastellanese, Kalmish
 • National languagesIngerish, Suraté
 • Regional languagesAromanish
DemonymMidistlandese (Midistlandés)
 • Total517193.37 km2
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.md


Midistland is divided into 11 regions and one autonomous state.

Comunity Capital Population Language
Atacoma del Norte Tengah Ingerish, Kalmish, Castellanese (main)
Atacoma del Sur Termapolis Castellanese, Ingerish
Región de la capital Bend Castellanese, Kalmish, Ingerish
Margarath Margarath Kalmish, Ingerish
New Erneerik New Erneerik Kalmish, Ingerish
Ghen Kalmish, Ingerish
Rugenia Rugenia Castellanese, Kalmish
Shía Shía Castellanese, Suraté
Arricife Castellanese, Ingerish
Breassau Breassau Castellanese, Kalmish, Ingerish
Orkneytown Orkneytown Kalmish, Ingerish
Castellanese, Ingerish
Work in progress This list is incomplete. It will be expanded in the future.



Road Start (North/West) Via End (South/East)
  A1   East of New Erneerik (JCT   A7  ) Pentekeburg, St. Genevieve Puerto Bahía, near Bend
  A2   Santa Fe border crossing to Ispelia Bend (Duplicating   A10  ), Ñunoma, Tengah Near Dumont de la Sierra, Atacoma del Sud
  A3   Northern Steinbrück border crossing (Ispelia), Margarath West of Bend
  A4   Lycester, Margarath (JCT   A3  ) Margarath, New Erneerik, Siebenbronn West of Termápolis
  A5   Near Mardingley Ford (JCT   A3  ) St. Genevieve, Böhringsfelde Near Tengah (JCT   A6  )
  A6   East of Margarath Pentekeburg, Siebenbronn, Tengah, Termápolis, Rinconada Breassau harbour
  A7   West Coast Border crossing near Millanova Miota, Ispelia Margarath, New Erneerik, Emerald Town, Harbor View Border crossing to Euresia, near Puerto Bacarrat
  A8   Enye Silhou, Atacoma del Norte Shía, Aserejé, Breassau East of Breassau
  A9   Rugenia Near Arrecife (JCT   A2  ) Rugenia, Shía Valleclaro, Shía
  A10   Bend Ring Ring road surrounding Bend
  A11   Near Prima, New Erneerik (JCT   A7  ) Near Siebenbronn (JCT   A6  )
  A12   Southern Puerto Bacarrat (JCT   A7  ) New Twin Peaks, Brandywine Santa Marina, near Termápolis
  A19   (JCT   A12  ) Orkneytown Border crossing to St. Germain, Euresia
  A61   Tengah Bypass Near Monaco Hills, Atacoma del Norte (JCT   A6  ) South of Tengah (JCT   A6  )
  A68   Kanan Ring Near Tengah (JCT   A2  ) Tyrrin (Ring route surrounding Kanan Peninsula) Near Tengah (JCT   A2  )
  A80   Breassau Ring Breassau Wetland, South of Breassau (JCT   A6  ) Frontier Lake (Halfway around Breassau) East of Breassau
  A82   Breassau Link Villa del Este, Atacoma del Norte Downtown Breassau South of Breassau (JCT   A80  )
  A190   Orkneytown South of Termápolis (Future extension to Elcher Mwy.) Orkneytown (JCT   A19  )
Sierra Elcher (JCT   A6  ) Termápolis (Gap of motorway across downtown) Talavera de la Frontera, Atacoma del Sud

Many unnumbered motorways also exist.


A diagram representing all passenger railway services and stops.

Railways are owned by the government, while passenger services are currently operated by KaspenRails, a company based in Erilyn City, Esthyra.

Before the North-South merger, Trains are less used as a way of commuting. Rather, they are more used as a way of leisure. Huge gaps between the North and South railway systems created huge opportunity for Highway Buses following the development of motorways.

In the years 2007-2011 three high speed railways started operating between New Erneerik and Bend, connecting the most major cities/towns in northwestern Midistland. The lines are called Transmid Express.

Following the merger plan of the North and South railway systems, the Bend~Ñunoma link was opened in 2006 and unified both systems together. In 2015 high speed trains started operation between Bend and Tengah.

Medium/Long-distance Buses

A diagram representing all such bus routes and stops.

Buses in Midistland are popular as a cheap and convenient way to travel. Every day, more than 2 million people use Highway Buses to commute between big cities.

Before the opening of North-South Railway Link, buses are the only public transport to connect north and south parts of the country. However, since 2006 bus industry saw a slight decline due to the new railway. Price competition is fierce between trains and Highway Buses.

Aside from Highway Buses, regional bus companies provide essential links from major cities to small towns.

Network Operator Service Area
  Highway Bus   National Highway Buses Association Throughout the country
  Bend   Autobús Bend-Norte Bend, Steinbrück, Mergerling
  Enye   City of Aserejé Shía, Aserejé, Breassau
  Termápolis   Autobús Atacoma Termápolis, Orkneytown, Candelaria
  Tengah   Tengah & Kanan Coaches Tengah, Tyrrin, Kanan Peninsula
  Southern   Southern Buses Association Harbor View, Puerto Bacarrat, New Twin Peaks, Orkneytown
  Emerald   City of Emerald Town St. Nouveau ~ Old Emerald Town
  N.W. Atacoma   Northwest Atacoma Coaches Ñunoma ~ Susquehanna City / Nou València, Shía ~ Elmwyt
  Strüsenburç   Town of Strüsenburç Margarath ~ Strüsenburç


Biggest cities in Midistland are: